Monday, January 02, 2017


Instead of the better known and more invoked “LGBT” -  and other nomenclatures which could be offensive and discriminatory even – herein deliberately used instead is “GID”, viz., Gender Identity Difficulty with the thought that those thus therein concerned are not exactly all rejoicing for their incidental sexual difference.  As time goes by, it is not a secret that there are more and more individuals, men and women alike – who are thus affected by the Difficulty.  So it is that certain well-meaning questions to come to mind with good will and care:

a.  Why are there more and more individuals with GID?
For different reasons, some of which appear to be the following:  Because they are no longer afraid or hesitant to openly show themselves to the general public, who they are in terms of their gender identity.  Because society is now  by and large more open to and receptive of the phenomenon of GID.  Because those concerned no longer keep or hide such a  sexual phenomenon which is neither exactly their option nor their preference.

b.  Why are there more and more same sex relationships/partnerships?
This is an interesting question that could have different answers:  Because there are more and more individuals with GID who are open to what they are and whom they want to be with.  Because more individuals are no longer that pre-occupied in surreptitiously hiding their Gender Identity Difficulty.  Because more and more people understand and accept GID as a fact.

c.  Why do these and those individuals succumb to GID when others do not?
There can be different reasons for this objective reality.  Because there are some persons whose socio-affective constitutions are more readily subject to the influence of external factors productive of GID.  Because more and more individuals are ready and willing to have their GID known in public just as more and more of them are at ease with their particular sexuality.

d.  Why do some individuals manage to keep their GID private?
This question is premised on the assumption that some individuals are successful in keeping their GID unknown.  Because of a strong self-resolve to be what he or she externally appears, his or her inner GID notwithstanding.  Because of a marked self-respect such that he or she talks, acts and gestures without any semblance of cross-sexuality.

e.  Why do some persons in effect show off their GID? 
This is an unfortunate phenomenon in terms of degrading oneself, making someone the laughingstock of others:  Because it makes someone famous by being the object of public attention.  Because they make their GID as their way to fame.  Because they use their GID as a means of livelihood.  Truth to tell:  It is good to know that such individuals are relatively few.

There are certainly more questions about GID that can be thought of and asked.  There is however one distinct and fundamental reality that everybody should remember and remember it well.  In the world of Christianity, there are but two (2) key Commandments:  Love God.  Love your neighbor. Be this someone male, female, or with GID is irrelevant.