Wednesday, January 04, 2017


It is not only strange but also bizarre how certain government agencies think and act – under the big baton of their likewise big over-all “bossing” – in conjunction with their respective over-all agenda.  Such thinking and acting processes by and large depend on the perceived mindset and pursuant value system of their big boss whom they usually  look upon with faked admiration and adulation basically in order to keep their jobs, enjoy its fringe benefits – while their Chief-in-Command remains in office.  Thereafter, everyone is left to his/her own ingenuity as one administration disappears and another one comes about.

Case in point:  The Department of Health all of a sudden found out that sexual diseases affect even but young people.  The said Department then made the grand resolve to put a stop to such disaster.  So it is that the same Department is buying millions of condoms to remedy the situation.  The said Department is targeting the schoolchildren as objects of Sex Education.  The same Department wants children to know how to use condoms, how to have sexual fun and at the same time, how to presumably avoid sexual diseases.  Is this progressive program not only timely but also brilliant!?  Is this preventive approach not simply logical but also noble, not merely effective but also cheap and safe even?!

In attention and response thereto, a simple advisory could be in order.  This:  Let the fathers and mothers heading and directing the said Department plus its parent employees in the national and local levels thereof be the first ones to get and give condoms to their children, to teach them how to use the rubbers during their sexual escapades and thus assure them that they will be free from sexual diseases.  In other words, before the DOH officials and employees meddle with the children of millions of other Filipino families on the matter of how to have and enjoy sex without having any sexual  illness, let them do this first to their own children.

The down-to-earth truth in the realm of reality and logic, in the sphere of ethics and morals, stipulates that it is the parents – neither the DOH, nor the DepEdwho brought to fore their children, who have both the basic right and the fundamental obligation to impart proper and prudent sex education to their children – in accord with their physical age and affective consciousness.  In the event that the parents do not know this reality or do not know how to fulfill their grave mandate, then let the teachers of their children in effect teach parents how to impart wholesome sex education thereto.  In addition to Parents-Teachers Associations, there are a good number of Family Organizations and Movements that can be readily tasked to prepare and to do parental sex education to their own children – sharing their knowledge to other parents within their reach.

No.  This is not saying that the DOH has any sinister plan in disseminating condoms to schools all  over the land – presumably for the sex education of school children – in close collaboration with the DepEd.  This is but saying:  Let the children enjoy the innocence of their childhood.  Spare them from having and toying with condoms presumably for them to know when and how to use them in order to free themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.  In the last analysis, such could in effect induce them rather early to fool around with sex in and/or out of school, when relating with others.  And this is a pity – to say the least.