Friday, December 30, 2016


On the occasion of the time gone by and the time here and now, on account of the change of calendar plus the now usually said and heard greeting “Happy New Year”, it might be  both good and interesting to think of and to talk about time itself.  People by and large are nonchalant about the down-to-earth nature and reality of time.  Yes, they exchange greetings of time in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening.  Yes, they count the days, the  months and years even.  But what is time really?  Have they ever thought about the honest-to-goodness reality and meaning of time?  On the occasion of supposedly another “Year” which is considered “New” and should be “Happy” in all way and by all means, it is timely – right and proper – to talk about time, viz., the what, the when and the how of time, even if only to somehow rightfully know and in one way or another better understand the objective reality of  time.

Time is movement.  Movement is what makes time a reality. There is no stopping time even through the most sophisticated “Stop Watch” in the world.  So it is that without movement, there is no time.  And without time, there is eternity that precisely means timelessness.

Time is linear.  Time moves straight on and on and on.  It does not move in a circular way such that after the day comes night, after the night comes day.  Strictly speaking in the world of downright reality, the now is in fact but the passage of before to afterwards.  So it is that the moment someone says now, this is already after.

Time is now.  Properly speaking, there is no past nor future but only present, i.e., no before and after but only now.  This is the reality of time.  It waits for no one, waits for nothing.  It simply goes on and on – no matter what one thinks or says.  Time is but now – neither before nor after.

Time is uncountable.  Time being thus an on and on movement, and wherefore an on and on   continuum, is thus beyond counting.  The matter of days and weeks, months and years are but human inventions.  Even the calendar is but a human invention – with the given that counting time is an exercise in futility.

So it is that no one can buy time.  The moment time is bought, it is gone.  In the same way, no one may keep time, much less reserve it.

So it is that no one can neither stop nor advance time.  Time goes on and on and on, no matter who wants it backwards or wants it forward instead.

So it is that no one can bring back time.  When it is gone, gone it remains – no matter who wants it otherwise for whatever reason at whatever price.