Monday, December 05, 2016


Who does not know about the simple and insistent  teaching of the Church on the reasonable as well as ethical mandate of the responsibility of parents for the well-being of their children they bring into the world, specially in terms of dutifully providing their sufficient food and clothing, their decent housing and education?  And who is not aware of the plain and insistent affirmation of the Church about every couple thus duly planning the number of their children via the likewise reasonable and natural premise on the monthly long infertility and short fertility periods of the woman/wife  as precisely established by nature itself?

In other words, who does not know that the Church wherefore continues teaching the prudence and rationality of Responsible Parenthood precisely through Natural Family Planning?  The opposite is something not only irresponsible but also irrational – exercising and enjoying  the conjugal right without however minding the responsibility that usually goes therewith afterwards.  Rights and obligations go hand in hand.  Separating them is for the selfish, the egoistic, the irresponsible.  In fact, when viewed in general, such separation between rights and obligations whereby someone only thinks of exercising his rights without however fulfilling his obligations – this errancy is even the root cause of a good number of retrogressive and detestable social adversities.

Hence: “We thank the Supreme Court for having urged caution and circumspection in the enforcement of the recently passed RH Law.  The Catholic Church continues to insist that parents make responsible choices both with respect to the number of children and to the spacing of births.” (CBCP Statement on “Our Country and Our Faith”, 22 November 2016)

Why?  The aforesaid downright Population Control legislation under the cover-up of “Reproductive Health Law” (RH Law) which is patently against  human reproduction specifically  through the in-take of unhealthy contraceptive pills – which have intertwining financial reward with their manufacturers and their large-scale  corporate patrons.  But something truly detestable and really abominable is that according to reputable and competent medical practitioners, there are pills in the world market that are not simply contraceptive but also causative of abortion in the event of contraception.  This is not to mention the possible contra health effects of such pills on women taking them.  There is also the recently forwarded information that more and more individuals with Gender Identity Difficulty are precisely another ill-effect brought about by the in-take of certain contraceptive pills.

It is a big embarrassment if not downright shame  to take note of the phenomenon that fowls, animals, and other supposedly irrational creatures observe Responsible Parenthood as postulated by nature.  For example:  When a mama hen has laid her eggs, is hatching them and thereafter taking care of her chicks, she will decidedly allow no rooster of any looks and standing to be but even near her.  Only when her chicks are grown up and are  already on their own, will she allow a rooster to be around her – for another possible mating, another possible egg laying and chicks caring.  Is this not Natural family Planning?  If this is not Responsible Parenthood – even among irrational creatures!