Wednesday, December 28, 2016


The avid search for babies to have them barbarously killed but in effect altogether intended to kill the newly-born Christ – this was the reality of the mind and spirit of a then potentate who did everything to anybody who might surpass him in authority and power.  So it is that so many innocent lives were then lost – so many innocent babies killed basically on account of the love of supremacy, due to the craving for limitless and timeless possession of power and might.  But there is the standing truth beyond doubt and denial that in due time, the powerful became powerless, his love for might and dominion ultimately and infallibly ended with the coming of his own death, his use of a coffin and eventual burial somewhere – in the event that the corpse of the same potentate was not disposed or done away with through any other way, by any other means.

There is something truly distinct and true that the Day teaches:  The Holy Innocents are remembered with love while their killer comes to mind with disgust.  So it is that every year, the Holy Innocents’ Day is remembered and accordingly celebrated.  Their murderer – the subscriber to  might and adorer of power- never mind.  The innocent children murdered are remembered and celebrated.  Their killer – never mind.  The once bearers of life and innocence come to mind with endearment and affection.  Their slaughterer – never mind.  So it is that  the Holy Innocents’ Day brings to mind the following salient truths – among other signal realities with particular relevance during these difficult and trying times in this Country if not the world over:

The truth is that life is singular, precious, priceless even.  So it is that not to kill is a distinct mandate, a serious injunction.  So it is that no one may even  kill himself/herself for any reason, by any means.  As no one gives life to himself, no one as well may do away with his/her own life.  And if one may not take even his/her own life   by suicide, who then has the right to take it away from another, to kill this or that individual.  The reality is that without life, what is there at all?

The truth is that abortion is murderous, hideous and abominable.  If it is wrong to kill oneself as well as hideous to kill another, it is more horrible to kill an unborn – someone innocent, dependent, helpless – yet to be born.  What makes abortion even more sickening and detestable is that the killers are usually the father and/or the mother of the unborn, these doctors and those nurses even – individuals who are precisely under serious mandate and obligation to care for life.

The truth is that power usually corrupts just as absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Corruption of the powerful is dangerous.  Corruption of the most powerful is most dangerous.  In any humane and decent society, those in power are meant to do good to others, assist the helpless, help the powerless – certainly not to take advantage of them and definitely not to kill them.  Such is certainly not the way of the civilized, not the thinking of someone sound in heart and mind.

The Holy Innocents’ Day is categorically not meant  but to fool others, to make fool of oneself.  What a pity if fooling around is understood as but the intent.