Friday, November 04, 2016


There are different ways of understanding the emergence of the above said orientations, convictions and consequent postures in conjunction with society – the latter’s temporal management, political constitution and consequent social order.  It is rather easy to take note of the said basically three-fold  socio-political-economic postures specially in the present-day world.  Noted below appear  to be the more simple and elementary explanations/observations on the above said three-fold stance in the governance of the different Countries in the globe.

Man is interesting and even ingenious at times.  He complicates what is simple. He simplifies what is complicated.  So it is that there are even instances when one and same thing can make someone cry or laugh, clap or lament.  But all these are not really profound, much less complicated even but considering the many differences in the personality constitution among different individuals – based on what they came to know and personally experienced, what makes them really rejoice or lament – taking into account their different cultures and traditions, their objective or subjective knowledge plus experience, in addition to their consequent profound likes and strong dislikes.  So it is that ultimately, they come up with variant and even opposite and pursuant actions.

And this brings to fore different groups of people with different preferences, consequent value systems and relational options – such as those who are considered “rightist”, called “leftist”, or identified as “centrist”.  This typing and grouping  of individuals with their respective love and hatred towards  others are influenced and affirmed by their personal situations and experience, their consequent action and reaction patterns.  Needless to say, no one is really born with any of such orientation, pursuant disposition and actuation.  More often than not, people eventually acquire a “rightist”, a “centrist”, or “leftist” disposition and pursuant actuation in the course of time based on the socio-political ambiance    they were born in, premised on their respective personal and/or  domestic empirical socio-economic  standing of affluence, sufficiency, or deprivation.  It can thus be said that such empirical factors or ground realities are the usual premises of people being thus classified in conjunction with their respective social, economic, and political standing as they undergo different personal experience, consequent postures and affiliations.

As a rule wherefore, no one is born a “rightist”, a “centrist”, or a “leftist”.  These affiliate standings with their respective personal, social, political convictions and consequent actuations, are definitely not inborn but consequential.  So it is that in the world today,  it is not hard to mention the Countries, to name the government, and to identify the people/individuals who belong to either of the said three groupings – the “leftist” in particular.  As there was once a “rightist” in the governance of the Country who was overthrown basically by the “centrists”, the incumbent lead government figure expressly and openly proclaims he is a “leftist”.  Without judging what is right or wrong with such an affiliation, it is at least clear that the people of the Philippines know where the Country is going.