Monday, November 14, 2016


The question is why are there more and more failed marriages,  more and more Marriage Nullity Annulment Cases, more  and more Marriage Separation Cases – sad and pitiful realities which even appear to be progressively  increasing in number as time passes by?  Hereunder could be some tentative answers which are neither hard to understand nor difficult to verify.  Any of the factors below mentioned could be anything but promotional of the capacity for marriage intents and purposes – more concretely in terms of the required inherent potential of the man/woman for entering into a Conjugal Covenant which is categorically very much more than a mere “Contract”:

a.  Deviated “Modern” Thinking:

The so-called “First World Countries” wielding much socio-unethical influence in basically poor and needy people are not exactly setting the example of what marriage really is, how marriage should be then lived.  The nonchalant practice of Divorce, Renewable Marriage Contract, Group Marriages and the like, definitely undermine the genuine nature of marriage.

b.  Socio-affective anomalies:

For one reason or another, there are more and more individuals laboring from socio-affective anomalies or maladjustment due to the unethical social environ they live in, an eventual effect of which is amorality in contradiction with the objective significance and practical consequences of the reality of marriage with its grave and lasting consequences.

c.  Downright Personality Disorders:

Sad but true, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists nowadays are noticing the fact of more and more Personality Disorders of one kind or another adversely affecting more and more individuals.  A given personality disorder can be anything but a credential for marriage intents and purposes – not to mention other but ordinary secular human ventures.

So it is that the Family Code of the Philippines (Executive Order No. 209) itself thus provides:  “A marriage contracted by any party who, at the time of the celebration, was psychologically incapacitated to comply with the essential obligations of marriage, shall be void even if such incapacity becomes manifest only after its solemnization.”  (Sec. 36)

Truth to say  with objectivity and candor, marriage is the most exacting or demanding way of life from the time it has been entered into by the man and the woman concerned.  More.  Such a demanding and challenging way of being lasts until the husband and wife shall both live.  So it is that there are individuals who are not meant for marriage because they are morally and/or psychologically disabled for such a state of life.  Sad but true.