Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Considering but the elementary thought and simple truth that “Nothing comes from nothing,”  it becomes not only logical but also inexorable to conclude that everything has a beginning, has an origin, has a genesis – except God Who is precisely the Author. the eminent direct or indirect cause, the primary and ultimate source of everything seen and unseen, present and past.  So there was and there still is God Who in plain and simple language brought forth the world  for man  to live in and live by.

No.  Man is not for the world.  Yes, the world is for man – for his breathing, for his living in and living from.  No. Man is not for the world.  Yes.  The world is for man.  It is wherefore incumbent upon man to thank God and to care for the world – to look after its wholeness, to protect its integrity, to defend its vitality.  Why?  So that man himself benefits therefrom – from the clean air he breathes and wholesome water he drinks, from the sufficient food it provides, the needed shelter it gives.

Hence, it is written in nothing less than the Good Book:  “God, the designer and maker of the earth Who established it, not creating it to be a waste but designing it to be lived in.” (Cf.  Isaiah 45:18).  In other words, God Himself  designed and created the world not simply wasted but precisely for man to live therein, from it and therewith.

Woe then to all those in the eventual tenure of world government who simply watch the gradual destruction of the environment and do  nothing to protect and preserve it for the good and welfare of the people to whom they owe public service for their common welfare.  Even the said  government is established and funded by the people of the world for the common good and public welfare of the former – not for the same government to play blind, deaf and dumb in serving people of the world such as precisely through the protection and preservation of the environment that has its big and continuous impact on nothing less than that of the lives of the people in the world.

So it is that the proper branches of the national governments together with all genuine civil pro-environment organizations may not but do all – yes, all – of the following main agenda:  First, not simply enact but continuously and insistently act on the needed and pertinent laws to safeguard the integrity of the environment the world over.  Second, really listen to and seriously attend to the pro-environ admonitions and propositions of genuine and trusted environment experts from different parts of the globe.  Third, censure and penalize Countries for their proven violations of pro-environ legislations in accord with demands of social justice.

Woe to the given people with a national government that has more than enough pro-environment laws but does not really implement them either due to incompetence or in consideration of the power and wealth of downright anti-environment business corporations – or simply on account of a justice system that is not “blind” but has eyes  wide open in favour of the rich and influential anti-environment business entities.  In the last analysis, the care for the environ equals the love of the world’s Creator.  Conclusion:  Pro-environ fuel and energy are no longer but mere options.