Wednesday, November 02, 2016


What is that?  What does it mean?  What is it all about?  “Souls”?  What are they?  Who are they?  “All”?  All of what?  Why not but some?  “Day?”  Is that but one morning, afternoon and evening?  Why not more?  In other words, why do souls – and all of them even – have a day of their own?  So it is that the following are rather simple questions seeking simple answers as well:  What are souls?  Why all of them?  Why is it that a day is set aside for them?  And this day is even right after the “All Saints’ Day”  - commemorating all those who are gone to a better life, who are rewarded for good things done and good lives lived.

What are souls?

Every human person – yes, everyone of them – is a being with its corporal and spiritual separable constituents.  In fact, the human soul is equated with man’s life precisely because it animates the human body.  Hence, in the last analysis, the death of man is the separation of his soul from his body.  The human body lives and dies, gets buried and returns to dust wherefrom it comes.  The human soul however lives on as a deathless spirit.  In other words, the human body is for here and now but the human soul is for the hereafter and beyond.  Human life is thus defined as the integrated constituent of body and soul.  Human death wherefore is simply their separation = in fact by death.

Why are all of the souls concerned?

All the souls of once human persons in the world – from the very first ones that came up to the last ones that will cease to be – are either resting in eternal peace or suffering in continuing restlessness and timeless suffering.  Although painful to consider and likewise saddening to think about, the truth is that while most of the souls beyond are remembered and prayed for by their families, their relatives and friends, there are sadly those who are altogether forgotten if not remembered with rancor and disdain.  So it is that all the souls – those who remain restless and thus suffering from restlessness – makes a composite whole duly remembered and prayerfully thought of even but one day in a year.

Why is a day set aside for all the souls?

If the birthdays of the living are not forgotten but even celebrated, if not only secular national but also local historical events are kept in memory and thus recalled lest they be altogether forgotten to the loss of their significance  and relevance, why should the souls of the faithful departed be forgotten as if they do not exist, do not matter, do not count at all, i.e., as if they are in fact nothing to think about When the living here and now are altogether erased from prayerful memory and remembrance, upon their departure for the hereafter and beyond, this is a pitiful tragedy, a lamentable tragedy for them.  So it is that there is even but a prayerful day in a year precisely called “All Souls’ Day” for their remembrance in prayer and eternal repose.

“Wala kang kaluluwa!” – those who do not believe , do not want to know, do not care at all, those who live as if there were no tomorrow, no living existence after death, no soul at all, “All Souls’ Day” is but foolishness, nonsense, idiocy.  But it due time, when they return to dust wherefrom they came, all of them will wait for the Day, will want the Day to come, will be grateful for “All Souls’ Day”...