Wednesday, October 26, 2016


It is not really bad to dream a possible dream, to hope for endearing ground reality, to seek a reachable truth.  There are times however when aspirations remain simply as expectations, when what is written down appears to remain simply written in the sphere of speculations beyond their landing in the world of realities.  Such can be the simple preamble to nothing less than the following signal – inspiring, impressive, soul-stirring proclamation as a State Policy provided by nothing less than the 1987 Philippine Constitution:

“The State shall promote a just and dynamic social order that will ensure the prosperity and independence of the nation and free the people from poverty through policies that provide adequate social services, promote full employment, a rising standard of living, and an improved quality of life for all.”  (Art.  21, Sec. 9)

Ha?  Just and dynamic social order?  Prosperity and independence of the nation?  people free from poverty?  Adequate social services?  Full employment?  A rising standard of living?  Improved quality of life for all?

No less than about three decades have passed.  This and that Government appeared and disappeared while all of them  – yes all – loudly and pompously promised socio-economic development, justice and peace.  Ha?

Without exaggeration much less any pejorative perception,  the nationwide signal reality is that criminality of all kinds and gravity are the daily bread of the Filipinos.  Poverty has become customary.  Social injustice is a standing normal.

So it is that:  even but traffic has become a phenomenal disaster.  People are living by the canals, sleeping on the sidewalks if not even housed thereat.  The standard of living is high in the sense that it costs much to eat, to live, to die even.

Or is the above cited constitutional provision but a dream if not in fact simply hallucinatory in content?  Were the past, is the present, and the yet in-coming governments but basically exercises in futility in terms of good governance?

No.  This is not expecting much less asking for ay heavenly governance on earth.  Nor is this meant to seek and elect all knowing and all powerful governing public officials to comply with the Constitution they swear to follow and uphold.

There are certain realities however that cry for realistic attention and concern – such as the following:  Saying but “I am sorry” is not enough.  Reciting “Daang matuid” is merely but fun and pageantry.  Having, keeping, and saying but the word Kill” is not an over-all solution to all problems.  The above cited constitutional provision does not become a reality with but hope, a feeling, a promise.  No.  This is not in any way saying that past, present, and future governments should be blamed for everything wrong in and ruinous for the Country.  Yes.  This is saying that those holding the governance of this Nation must do much more than what we have done, more than what is being done.  Otherwise, should the above-cited distinct and impressive constitutional provision be then erased, done away with, altogether forgotten?  Just asking.