Friday, October 07, 2016


In simple words, stating it as a plain reality, Singlehood  means just that, i.e., the fact or status of being single in living and facing life, the option of remaining alone in life which in effect is singular whereas a big majority of individuals the world over precisely get married as a matter of fact.  So it is that as far as the status of life is concerned, someone is either single or married which in turn can make somebody a “Widower”, a “Widow” or “Separated” even – with their respective legal and moral implications.  But something has to be well-noted in the realm of one’s uncommon State of Life precisely in terms of being single for life – which some people call and refer to as Single Blessedness probably on account of its less exacting and demanding way of living, its definitely less day-in and day-out  preoccupations plus its less sacrificial connotations even.  But over and above the said plain and simple thought about being Single as a State of Life, some of the more relevant considerations through proper questions have to be pointedly asked in order to bring the said state of life in its more realistic perspective – such as the following few more signal ones:

Is it for a spiritual cause, a religious, a superior inspiration?

When being single for life is opted and held on to as some kind of a personal sacrifice for altruistic reason in the light of faith and reason, then the decision is truly admirable and praiseworthy.  The truth of the matter is that there are men and women – mostly women – who decide to stay single to finance the needs of, to care for, to accompany their parents, brothers, and sisters in their respective journey in life.  So it is that their intention is noble, their option is admirable.  In other words, their option or decision in stating single is not hard to admire and praise whereas such a resolve in one way or another demonstrate their altruistic disposition, their selfless stance, their noble intention.

Is it a self-sacrifice, a self-offering, a self-immolation?

This is nothing less than  a generous and admirable self-giving stance even if simply motivated by a given secular reason, decided upon for a strictly individual cause.  But more than any purely individualistic motive, it connoted a certain generosity with a sacrificial dimension of one kind or another.  Such a self-resolve – not really for definite and defined selfish motives - is admirable even but considering that it carries elements of self-abstention for praiseworthy reasons.  Just as above already mentioned, this setting self-aside decision carries a noble intention over and above but one’s ego, one’s individualistic design.  It can then be said that such motivated singleness in living and facing life still carries praiseworthy motivation.

Is it an individual option for personal reason in account of a personal situation?

Needless to say, there  are different causal factors why there are individuals who do not get married.  And said causes can well be in the realm of the personal, e.g., personal disposition, personal preference, etc.  Truth to say, there is nothing profound nor complicated about such a non- marriage on the part of someone that makes this shun marriage – no cause invoked, no reason given, no self-justification forwarded or invented.  It is just the plain truth that certain men and women – for one reason or another – are not meant for marriage and wherefore do not seek it as a particular status in life.

Just for reference and consideration:  CHRIST was single for a lifetime – for a supernatural, eminent, selfless cause.