Monday, October 24, 2016


It is not a secret that the previous administration – among other dubious agenda – needed and used all its political persuasion plus public funds to promote and ascertain the passage of three anti-normal legislations in conjunction with the human person and elementary ethical value system:

First was its downright population control design which was even given the deceptive title “Reproductive Health Law”.  It is basically a self-contradictory legislative provision because it is unhealthy in addition to the fact that some of them in effect promote eventual abortion-in-fact as affirmed by a good number of knowledgeable physicians.  By the way, the lead promoter  of the law in Congress will have a lot to answer for upon his sure and eventual death – considering that abortion is a downright heinous crime in the world hereafter and beyond.

Second is the so-called “Same Sex Marriage” which is held in abeyance because of the previous strong outcry against the above said anti-reproduction legislation.  But now, there are loud whisperings that the de facto man with man, woman with woman “marriage” is on deck  for deliberation.  While there are yet no clear indications what the sitting Legislative Department would do and what the ruling Administration would say, even now it is worth noting that no matter what Civil Law says, Natural Law considers such a union futile simply by noting that even among insects and brute animals, there is nothing like a same-sex union.

Third is the relatively long since opted legislation of “Divorce”, supposedly premised on one or more of the following grounds:  One, violence.  Two, adultery.  Three, abandonment.  So it is that when someone finds his/her spouse already undesirable for being fat and loud, old and cranky, and/or meets someone attractive and desirable, he/she on purpose simply beats his/her spouse, relates with another man/woman and/or abandons him/her precisely in order to obtain a divorce.  So comes the question: How many spouses may one hurt, be unfaithful to, abandon in order to secure a divorce.  In other words, how many other marriages may one enter into?  Hence, how about a “No Fault Divorce”? – the summit of marital hypocrisy?

With the Population Control Law plus the possible Same Sex Marriage Law plus the Divorce Law, pitiful “Philippines my Philippines”!  It is both a pity and a misery when a government legislates and thus moves for the gradual  deterioration if not actual eradication of right and proper cultural heritage, ethical and moral value system implanted and observed among the people in general.  Public service is meant to promote and preserve the public welfare, the common good – definitely not to undermine and eventually do away with what is good, proper and just.  Is population control better than Responsible Parenthood?  Can there be a true and real marriage between a couple of the Same Sex?

Have the Filipinos elected past and present government officials to eventually do away with even such a noble and ennobling constitutional provision on the family, on family life, and the protection of the unborn? (Cf. 1987 Phil. Constitution: State Policies. Section 12) Just asking.