Monday, October 10, 2016


War of one kind or another going on in this or that part of the world.  Time bombs exploded here and there.  Various grouping of individuals armed to the teeth and engaged in killing  people in this and that part of the Country.  As a matter of course killings day and night done by murderers, thieves, plus other malefactors of one kind or another.  Illegal drug producers, distributors, sellers, buyers and users continuously involved in the vicious venture, killed day in and day out.  Criminal acts taking place any day, any time, any where.  This is not to mention politicians  immersed in graft and corrupt practices plus other supposedly public servants serving but themselves and thus wallowing in stolen wealth and living in superior comfort.  This is not to mention downright murderers, thieves and  rapists.

So it is that in the recent past, someone loudly, categorically, and emphatically asked:  “Where is God?”  What is He doing? How come He does nothing for people to love one another, for them to help each other? This to say:  If there is God, where is He?  What is He doing?  How come people are so bad?  How come there is so much evil?  Why is it that living is so hard?  Where is love and service?  Where is fraternity, harmony and peace?  Is there really a God?  Does God really exist?  Thus someone publicly and boldly asked, practically saying:  There is no God.  God does not exist.  God is good for nothing.  So it is that nothing He does so that people will not hurt each other, will not steal from one another, will not kill each other.

If someone would seriously take the one asking the question – irrespective of whether he is worthy of being taken seriously or otherwise – it is but right and proper to tell him the following fundamental and wherefore elementary truths that even boys and girls know, that most men and women live by.  First:  There is God.  Second:  There is Satan.  Three:  While billions of people the world over know well that there is God, continuously listen to His biddings and assiduously follow His Commandments, there are nevertheless millions of men and women who prefer listening to the whispers of Satan, giving in to its evil biddings and thus become troublemakers – and the like.  So is it that when people listen and obey God, then there is neighborly love and fraternal harmony, there is social justice, peace and unity.

So it is that the wonder of wonders is that God made man, giving him the mind to know, the heart to feel and the free will to follow or disregard his expressed, plain and simple Commandments.  And there is Satan with the evil mind and devilish effort to make man follow his vicious biddings, fall into his devilish temptations for man to get rid of God from their mind and will, to forget and laugh at His Commandments and thus become the ultimate author and origin of human disaster and misery – of “Inhumanity of man to man.”

So it is that as a big majority of people take God seriously, listen to His teachings assiduously and follow his command faithfully, there are the rest of them who in effect worship Satan, adore the world, pamper their flesh.  Needless to say, while the former are a blessing to others, the latter are their curse.

“Where is God?”  Do not worry a bit – you who asked.  In due time, you will meet Him or He will not want to meet you.  It is that plain and simply.  He was already there very,  very long since before you came into being.  He will still be there very, very long after you are dead.