Friday, October 28, 2016


Even politics are subject to the observance of right reason and imperatives of ethical norms.  So it is that politicians are in no way exempted from doing what is right and proper, from acting in accord with objective truth and reality.  Yes, even atheists  are covered by the elementary norm of doing what is good and avoiding what is evil as dictated by natural law and natural principles.  So it is that “dirty politics” as well as “dirty politicians” are the big misfortune of the people they lead, the serious liability of the country they govern.  So it is that remised  on the objective truths about man and based on sound reason anchored in logic, the following are three more salient fundamental truths that should guide good politics – with the good and welfare of man as the latter’s ultimate goal.

1.  Equality of Human Beings – Mutual Solidarity
Equality of human beings has direct relevance and reference to exactly the same value of their human life, the same esteem for their human dignity and the same recognition of and respect for their basic human rights.  So it is that Mutual Solidarity is commitment to multilateral respect service.  It is the pledge of oneself to the common good viz.,  his own good plus the good of others and that of the community as a whole.

The equality of human beings productive of human solidarity is readily undone by unfair ventures, covetous designs, specially unjust plans and projects that favor but some individuals and/or families.  The rest, never mind.

2.  Human Dignity and Solidarity – Prime Principle of Politics.
Politics that attentively and seriously respect human dignity and consistently promotes human solidarity, cannot but be duly appreciated and accordingly supported by the citizenry as such  political reality is a great blessing to the community.  Human dignity is a fundamental reality that immediately emerges from the distinct truth that every human person – every man, every woman, and every child – is definitely not the product of blind evolution.

Solidarity is firmly grounded on the same nature and equal dignity of human beings who are united with one another as they have the same nature, the same basic human rights and pursuant obligations as mandated by commutative justice.

3.  The Common Good – The Goal of Political Activity

It is a cardinal teaching of sound Sociology that the political body is for the pursuit and emergence of the common good.  This in turn is intended and geared for the welfare of the community as a whole.  It is always a disaster when the means are made the end of politics whereby objective priorities are in fact and in effect inverted.  The common good is understood as the sum total of all those conditions of social living that enable individuals, families, their associations and/or organization to realize their aspirations, to achieve their fulfillment. 

The goal of political activity wherefore is categorically not to satisfy the personal objectives of politicians, to promote their personal family – ”dynastic” – interests, much less to ascertain their hold on power through all possible unethical political maneuvers.  This is what makes politics and politicians public liabilities.

The above-mentioned more signal ethical truths guiding politics are neither hard to understand, difficult to appreciate – even but considering politics  long since practiced in the Philippines.