Wednesday, September 07, 2016


Will the Philippines ever remain not only as a stepping stone of big and powerful nations to siphon off its  natural wealth, to protect their frontiers, to fight their wars?  Will the Country that is not only small but even separated by islands continue to be divided as well by dissonant  beliefs, contrasting cultures and consequent animosity?  Will the Filipinos remain ever poor and miserable except those few chosen and blessed families in wealthy, famous and exclusive villages?  More.  When will the people of this supposedly “Paradise” of lights and sounds, sights and wonders  ever be united and at peace, really self-sufficient and truly independent?  The Chinese came and left.  The Spaniards arrived and are gone.  The Japanese owned the land and thereafter let it go.  But Philippines my Philippines has remained weak, disunited, and impoverished by violence from within and by alienation from without.

Lately, there even came to fore the loud and alarming declaration of the State of Lawless Violence” nationwide with its disturbing counter-action and reaction patterns all over the land.  It is not enough that the Country has become the exemplar of graft and corrupt practices, the land of criminality 24/7 specially during the reign of the previous administration.  It was neither enough that the Philippines in fact became an illegal drug haven that brought to fore the likewise 24/7 killing of drug users, drug pushers, drug producers.  It even came to a point when a big and deadly bomb explosion recently took place, leaving people dead and decimated, dying if not forever disabled.  So it is that some not only relevant but also serious questions come to mind.

Why was the singular, merciless, inhumane mortal violence precisely held in Davao when there are a good number of places all over the Country that are more populous and thus open to more killings and destruction?  It does not seem hard to conclude that the truly deadly and cruel massacre is intended to send a message to the now very distinct and famous figure in the Philippines who is from Davao from his childhood to his presidency.  And the message seems to be squarely premised on one or both of the following rationale:  The Drug War and/or Ideological War being waged by the same now famous personality.  In other words:  “Beware, Mr. President.  Vengeance is ours!”

Who was really the singular or composite mastermind of the massacre?  Who thought of it and had it executed as a very loud and very clear message sent for the serious consideration of their perceived capital enemy?  The answer to this questions appear simple enough:  Either those damaged in their illegal drug industry and/or those suffering from their diminution in number through a downright war brought to their own territory, their own haven.  The message sent seems loud and clear:  Get off our back!  Get out of our way!  Get lost!  Or else...

What’s next?  Will the Philippines be eventually, sadly and pitifully at war with itself from within?  Will the Country continue to bear the cross of injustice, the absence of peace?  Will the Nation fail to redeem itself from poverty and want?  What’s next, Philippines my Philippines?