Friday, September 09, 2016


So there are supra-abundant illegal drugs that destroy the soundness of the mind and undermines the health of the body of their users.  So there are drug manufacturers, drug lords, drug peddlers, drug users, drug-related crimes.  Go after them wherever they are!  Hunt them day and night!  Put them behind bars!  They are the dregs of society, the liabilities of civilization.  Illegal drugs enrich the importers and providers but make their users miserable and sick.  Drug promoters use their money to buy the silence of public officials, the fidelity of law enforcers and periodically even finance the election expenses of their comrade politicians.  There are multi-million drug users, thousands of drug peddlers, hundreds of individuals identified with illegal drugs who have been done away with – with more of them apparently in line.  All these courtesy of the too long six years big joke of the “Matuid na Daan”.  And all these now widespread and deadly crookedness are inherited by the present administration.

Speak of “Illegal Drugs” and “Illegal Gambling”  readily comes to mind.  Just like the former, the latter also has the following anti-social dimensions particularly in terms of being both deceptive and addictive, not only destructive of one’s prudence but ruinous of his/her rationality.  And to think that both have practically acquired roots in the Philippines, makes both of them taboo to elementary reason and sound ethics.  This is certainly not meant to say that both of them cause the same malady to society.  But both of them are definitely under the baton of gangsters and hoodlums, run by mobsters and crooks – in the same way that both of them are anti-social in cause and effect.  And so it is that both of them are considered conditionally “Illegal”.  It might be good to expose the Mafioso hierarchical structure of Jueteng even if only to emphasize its highly effective way of fooling people – getting their hard-earned money as a matter of course:


The Capitalista is the multi-million money provider.  The Operators are those who run the gambling form in this and that place.  The Pagadores are those who pay the winning bettors.  The Cajas are those  who keep count of the money from the Bettors.  The Boladores are those who are acknowledged experts in drawing the numbers with the least bets.  The Revisadores are those who keep track of and count the money of the bettors.  The Cabos are the supervisors of the Cobradores who get the money of the Bettors and issue them receipts.  Let it be noted that the above Jueteng hierarchy is observed in at least every Province where Jueteng is staged.  In the above hierarchy, the Capitalista is the biggest Jueteng winner – always!

If illegal drugs destroy persons, Jueteng destroys industry and honesty.  Would the present administration want to get rid of it – together with other illegal numbers’ games in the Country?  Just asking.