Monday, September 26, 2016


Reason and ethics, morals and faith, criminal law and constitutional policy – all these personal and social, rational and spiritual, legal and judicial provisions are against deliberate and procured abortion.  Translation:  Do not kill.  Do not kill yourself, your neighbor, your fellowmen.  But over and above all, do not kill the unborn who did not ask to be conceived, who is innocence unborn but whose life you grossly ended, whose being you licentiously destroyed.  This is criminality incarnate.  This is inhumanity unlimited.  Abortion is definitely a heinous – gross, repugnant, abominable – crime.

“You shall not kill.” (Exodus 20:13).  There are practically  a million and one things that are vicious and devious, and wherefore categorically considered as outlawed, taboo, anathema.  But the Sacred Scriptures recorded nothing more but the Ten Commandments given and imposed on man by God Himself.  And one of them is precisely on the matter of respect for and protection of human life.  Life is precious.  Life has no price.  Life is singular in nature and implications.  So it is that without life, what is there left if any at all?

“The State shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception.” (Phil. Constitution, State Policies, Sec. 12).  The Constitution defines the nature and attributions of a nation, specifies the rights and obligations of the citizens – among other significant and relevant  national realities.  And there is the 1987 Philippine Constitution that precisely found it not simply relevant but definitely imperative to protect the life of the yet unborn human being – absolutely without reference as to who and why, when and where.

“A person who actually procures an abortion incurs an ipso facto excommunication.”  (Canon 1389 CIC).  So it is that as far as the Church is concerned, the downright murder of an unborn is such an abominable crime that once done, the following are therein involved – such as the father and/or mother, the physician and/or the nurse, the abortive pills provider and/or herbalist concerned – all these, yes, all of them, incur the penalty of downright exclusion from the life and spirit of the Church.  They are thus “Ousted” from the Church.

It is interesting to note that even brute animals – such as pigs and monkeys, dogs and cats and the like – do not commit abortion.  When pregnant, they take care of themselves, they behave accordingly and eventually give birth to their offspring and care for the latter.  Translation: Abortion is contrary to nature such that even irrational animals do not commit it.  Conclusion:  Plain and simply said, animals are better than humans who engage in abortion.  This is abominable but true.  It is understandable then that  Divine Law and Civil Law plus Canon Law all censure the heinous crime of abortion.

A  man and a woman, a husband and a wife consummated their union with joy, with pleasure and delight.  Thereafter, they become three with their conceived and yet unborn child.  But hereafter, they have the latter killed one way or another – or ask others to kill the same at the option of either or both parents.  Too bad that their  fathers and mothers were allowed by their grandparents to be born.  Too bad that nobody else than the parents had the unborn killed.  Instead of loving, caring, and protecting their yet to be born child, they themselves had this aborted, killed, murdered and thrown away.  How shameless!  How gross!