Friday, August 05, 2016


Here we go again!  Recently, it was said in so many words and in so many ways that Family Planning should be strictly observed in the Country.  In fact, there was also the defined and defining statement that there should be a definite and defined “Three-Children Policy” - or something the like.  Among other things, such a proposed mandatory observance actually means the following:  That there is poverty in the Country because of over-population.  That this sad phenomenon should then be responded to by contraception through whatever means.  That couples wherefore should have  but three children at most – if not a less or even actually none at all.  Conclusion:  Couples who actually have or will in fact have more than three children in number are grossly irresponsible as they are honest-to-goodness cause of national poverty if not nationwide misery even.

This is not really unlike saying that the lesser the people the better for them whereas the more affluent and happy they will be which  is a falsity even but considering the very few people in certain actually very poor Countries.  So it is that there is more affluence in places when people are small in  number which is another big joke – taking into account the downright poverty existing in distant places in the Philippines itself where there are precisely very few people staying and living thereat.

But in no way is this meant to say that couples should have as many children as possible, should not care about their due provision and proper up-bringing, should not bother at all about their education and other legitimate needs as human persons.  In other words, this is not meant to affirm much less intended to promote irresponsible fatherhood/motherhood.  Irresponsibility of whatever kind – unless  the agent is mentally impaired – is censurable whereas it is a vice, not a virtue.

After all is said and done about husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, the supposedly irrational – thoughtless and mindless fowls and brute animals are in fact actually responsible in the matter of how many offspring would they have, how many of these could they care for, how many of them would they be able to guard and guide until these are ably grown up and can thus be left on their own.  Only then would a female allow a male to approach her and eventually have her offspring by him – again.

Doves:  A pair of doves usually has but two eggs at a time which the papa dove and mama dove exchange roles in hatching them, in feeding and caring for them.  And only when the young ones are grown and gone, will the pair mate and have two eggs once again – and so on.  How responsible!

Chickens:  After the hen and rooster mate, the former drives the latter away – specially so when the hen begins hatching the eggs she laid.  She then cares for and accompanies her chicks until these are on their own.  Only then will the hen allow the rooster to be around her – again.  How responsible!

Pigs:  When a female is already pregnant, she drives males out of her way.  After giving birth to her piglets, giving these her milk until they are somehow grown-up and eventually taken away from her, would she entertain the company of a male pig in preparation for another mating.  How responsible!