Friday, August 12, 2016


To ask may mean that someone could be simply ignorant, might be merely curious, could be but wanting to understand something somehow.  But whatever it be, the saying goes that fools have more questions to ask than wise men have the answers to.  Be what it may, it is not bad to ask questions either to know the answers thereto or to call attention to this and that matter begging for attention and possibly even resolution.  So it is that at this juncture of the exit of the previous administration and the coming of the now incumbent one, there are questions worth asking as the answers thereto are likewise worth knowing.

Question:  What about Land Reform?
The Philippines being basically as agricultural Country, it is but right and proper to address the matter of more agricultural production, better farm to market roads plus other incentives to make agriculture more profitable such as through better irrigation systems, via more agricultural investments and the like.  But the question remains:  What about honest-to-goodness Land Reform?  What about downright powerful and influential Land Lords?  What about starving and pitiful farmers?

Question:   What about the lightning impeachment of a Chief Justice?
It is not a secret that in conjunction with the above issue of land Reform, no one less than a Chief Justice in the Country suffered from a lightning impeachment for deciding in favour of small farmers against the command and wishes of a mighty big landlord.  Was the impeachment right and just?  Did the one thus impeached really deserve such a terminal penalty?  What about those known political figures  used to impose the lightning impeachment?

Question:  What about the graft and corrupt practices in the past administration?
Without the least saying that there was ever a government of this Country that is altogether holy and saintly, the immediately previous one is infamous for its big and repeated give-away to its allies such as in form of the infamous DAP and PDAF.  Is it  not the mandate of justice to go after them before the proper Courts of Law even if only to take away from them what is really not theirs – not to mention their consequent criminal liability?

Question:   What about the power production?
It is not a secret that the cost of power in the Country is superlative the world over – in addition to the fact that there is not enough of it to consume.  What can and should be done then?  And what can be done without contributing to Climate Change?  There can be different causes of poverty in the Country.  The high price of power and/or the absence thereof  appears to be one of them.  There must be an answer – a right and proper answer to the problem.

Question:  What about the Sabah issue?
Why is there a deadly silence about this matter – which owns what and why – while the West Philippine Sea in fact became an issue for the International Tribunal of Arbitration to look into and decide upon?  It is worth noting that after the formulation of the BBL through the intervention of Malaysia – a law which to date remains but on paper – there is a dead silence about the issue specifically during the term of the past Administration.  

Just asking.