Monday, August 22, 2016


Someone at home in the boxing ring plus the recently acquired skill of selective reading of the teachings of the Good Book – apparently with his amateur political design to win the personal approval and patronage of the most powerful authority figure all over the land – appears decided in promoting Death Penalty Law – notwithstanding all arguments to the contrary propounded by sound Ethics as well as objective  Morals forwarded by the same Book to the contrary.  Never mind what God explicitly and clearly said about killing others, killing oneself included.  No.  This is not really intended to belittle anybody but simply meant to say let no one jump and dance where even angels fear to tread.

Whereas no one may legitimately take his own life even but considering that he did not give life to himself, how could the government with all its power and might assume the right to do so when its overall mandate is precisely not only to defend but precisely to promote the life of every citizen?  Perhaps – just perhaps – when any government becomes the origin and giver of life of its constituency, then the same could do away it.  But until such a preposterous assumption becomes a reality, it is incumbent upon the government to protect and defend, to favor and enhance  the life and welfare of the citizenry.  The truth is that it is the citizens who have the inherent right to put up, to support, or do away with their government.

The sad and solid truth is that killing people even on the occasion of a war is censurable considering that there is no such as thing as a “Just War”  many of whose victims are eventually the innocent, the weak and the poor.  This remains a signal on-going historical lesson on the occasion of the wars waged by the Spaniards vs. the Filipinos, by the Japanese vs. the  Filipinos – not to mention the wars here and there waged by CPP-NDF-NPA, MNLF, ASG, BIFF whereby Filipinos lamentably kill Filipinos.

The world well-known Mandate squarely based on Natural Law “Thou shall not kill” is definitely not but a pious plea nor a mere spiritual advice.  It is definite and defined.  It makes no exception, it accepts no moratorium.  I t makes no distinction about its mandatory reach in the local, national, and universal level.  It neither makes any distinction about race, color, and creed.  And so it is that the killing of the unborn is considered a heinous crime by civilized society and thus it is that the so-called “Mercy Killing” is precisely considered objectively merciless.

The truth is that Death Penalty during these more civilized times is held unconditionally taboo/  In fact, the World Congress against Death Penalty held in Oslo in 21-22 June 2016, could not be more emphatic in its Pro Life stance and consequent strong denouncement of Death Penalty as a legitimate response by a State against criminals as some kind of a revenge to the extent of taking the latter’s lives through whatever ways and means – no matter how “merciful” it is supposed to be.  Justice to retain its inherent notion and connotation has to be humane – considering that an inhumane justice is nothing less than an injustice itself.

There must be a hundred and one ways not only to stopping crimes but also of penalizing criminals other than their downright killing by the State.  In fact, there are different ways of penalizing and reforming criminals rather than have them “officially” killed.  These are truths that only the brainless would not understand and the merciless could not accept.