Wednesday, August 24, 2016


While good will through  defined public service in the past few months seems to be clearly noted and appreciated by many such as the decisive drive against illegal drug menace though with certain reservations  as to on-going day and night killings of these and those individuals.  While there appears to be a manifest concern to address one way or another the ardent quest for unity particularly in Mindanao possibly through Federalism.  And while the long since desired peace with the CCP, NDF, NPA seems to be a praiseworthy on-going option specifically on the part of the incumbent Administration.

There are nevertheless certain key concerns that should be given due attention and pursuant action during the fast in-coming time.  No. This is not about the search for a Superman or someone the like to resolve a good number of urgent Philippine matters.  It is simply meant to say that while some Acta are already on deck, certain Agenda are still fervently asking for due executive attention from the Chief in command and his chosen and therefore close assistants.  In other words, while certain public concerns are already being aptly addressed, many more likewise public ardent   and urgent clamors should be duly attended to anytime soon from now.  So it is that below are but some reminders proffered in terms of plain and simple questions about very serious national concerns which the previous administration was a big flop in seriously attending to:

What about grafters and corrupters?
This agendum has special reference to someone then occupying the highest and most powerful Office in the land – with the close collaboration of certain well-known colleagues plus questionable characters.  Graft and corrupt practices were practically their motto.  Any forthcoming executive and/or judicial action to retrieve from them a good amount of public funds and put them behind bars?

What about power generation?
It is not a secret that the Philippines as a Third World Country  has First World Country power costs.  Is there really no other option than to but accept such an unacceptable phenomenon?  Is there really no possibility of more affordable power generation cost?  Has the administration no plan and pursuant action to realistically address and reduce the cost of electricity in the Philippines?

What about the availability of work?
Time and again the sad and saddening OFW phenomenon comes to fore for one pitiful reason or another  - such as the abuse of workers in general, the degradation of women in particular, the destruction of their family life and  other liabilities appended to their persons.  Is there nothing at all that can be done to make work more available and profitable in the Philippines?

What about food production?
Why is it that the cost of food is in the maximum while the cost of labor is in the minimum?  The Philippines is precisely an agricultural Country, not to mention its big meat production potentials.  Dams are wanting.  Hence irrigation is anything but abundant.  Wherefore agricultural produce from rice to vegetable, from fruits to flowers are less in quantity and wherefore more expensive in cost.   
 Just thinking.  Just asking.