Friday, July 29, 2016


Without life, what is there?  Without the right to live, where would all the other basic human rights stand on?  Take away life, what is there left?  So it is that the Good Book records well what Divinity commanded:  “Thou shall not kill.”  So it is that death is an irreversible ending.  And so it is that abundance or misery, power or helplessness, brilliance or stupidity, all things on earth and in the skies are irrelevant without life.  No wonder then that as civilizations moves on, as sciences improve, as reason and ethics become more reined, life is more respected and killing is taboo.

Where does life come from?  Not from the terminators thereof for sure.  Neither from those who belittle life, particularly from those who promote death.  Not from the government that is precisely tasked to preserve and enhance it.  Much less from those who make killing their business, who advocate death as a penalty.  The fundamental truth is that when a man and woman have a child, this comes from their already living cells that merge and give life to  their offspring.  So it is that there should be an already living sperm plus an also living egg for a living human being to come about.  So it is that human life starts from already living human cells.

Without life, what are scientific discoveries, socio-economic development, justice and peace for?  Without life, what are housing projects, food production, wealth and abundance for?  So it is that embalmment of a dead human body, funeral parlors and cemeteries – all denials of human life --  are not exactly an endearing process to watch, a celebratory place to be at, an enjoyable site to behold, to stay at – respectively.  More.  Without life, what are physicians, medicines and hospitals for?  So it is that respect for life is something elementary to understand, appreciate and observe.  And so it is that the wealthy and the powerful, kings as well as dictators plus other figures of fame and wonder, are all no one without life.

To those who take the life of others for whatever reason, it might be good for them to ask themselves:  Am I a life-giver or in fact a life-taker?  If I take the life of others, it is OK if others take my own life as well?  When I get rid of the life of someone, what is there left for him?  So it is also worth asking:  May I even take my own life when I did not give it to myself?  Without life, what is there left for me to have and to own?  This brings to mind those who kill someone who in fact comes from their own living cells:  Abortion!  If to kill others is already a crime, the crime of killing one’s own child definitely becomes even much more murderous, more heinous.

So it is that Respect for Life is but an elementary mandate.  If killing oneself is already repugnant, killing others is much worse.  More.  Killing oneself in order to kill others, killing others because of an indefensible cause, a wrong belief or simply for the fun of it – this is not even human, much less humane.  One wonders:  What is the fate of someone who kills because he simply enjoys killing, because he wants to be well-known as a killer incarnate – or simply because he hates life?

The objective truth is that life is precious.  hence, it has to be protected not wasted.  It has to be cared for not done away with.  So it is that the well-known Filipino joyful and triumphant welcome shout is “MABUHAY!”  Would that this would not be changed instead to “Mamatay!”