Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Politics – being a human agenda, a human venture and a human activity – may not be over and above rational principles and ethical standards – not to say moral norms.  In other words, politics being by the people, about the people, and for the people, cannot but be reasonably ruled and legitimately moderated by objective truths precisely such as those forwarded by reason and ethics in accord not only with the principles of Natural Law but also the demands of Positive Law – otherwise, Philippine politics would be a profound misfortune if not a downright curse of the Filipino citizens.  Following are the three more salient fundamental truths guiding politics – with the good of man as their ultimate goal:

1.  Equality of Human Beings – the basic premise of Politics.

Equality of human beings has direct relevance and reference to the intrinsic value of their human lives, the same esteem of their human dignity plus the same recognition of and respect for their basic human rights.  The equality of human beings productive of human solidarity is readily undone by political unfair ventures, covetous designs, specially unjust plans and projects that favor but some individuals and/or families.  The rest, never mind.

2.  Human Dignity – the primary principle of politics.

Politics that attentively respects human dignity and consistently promotes human solidarity cannot but be duly appreciated and accordingly supported by the citizenry whereas said political reality is a great affirmation of the human community as a whole.  Human dignity is a fundamental reality that immediately emerges from the distinct truth that every human person – every man, woman, and child – is definitely not but a product of either evolution or devolution.  Candidly speaking, there is human evolution when man transits from good to better and there is human devolution when he turns from bad to worse.

3.  Common Good –the goal of political activity.

The pursuit and emergence of the common good – this is the cardinal rationale and objective of politics.  Such noble objective is intended for and geared towards the welfare of the community as a whole.  It is always a big disaster when political agenda are made to seek and promote the common good of politicians.  Needless to say, the honest-to-goodness over-all objective of any and all political activities  is to gradually but surely bring about the sum total of all those conditions of social living that enable individuals, families, their associations and/or  organizations to realize their legitimate aspirations, to achieve their human fulfillment – and thus ultimately make them live in unity and peace.

In conclusion, let it be clearly and emphatically said that when a people live in harmony and peace, when a nation stands firm and secure, the over-all cause of such a blessing and attribution is ultimately good politics based on the equality of human persons, on the dignity of human individuals, on the reality of the common good.  Conclusion:  Philippines politics still have much to do and to undo.  Filipino politicians still have much to learn and to unlearn.