Monday, July 25, 2016


It is not a secret that the past governments – the one just gone by very well included – have become experts in graft and corrupt practices, in spending public funds for private interests, in demanding more and more  money from the people through their taxation from birth to death but at the same time giving them less and less in public service for the common good.  So it is that they have likewise become professionals in inventing different kinds of taxes with different names, in different legislating provisions with the same taxation intents and purposes.  But then, the standing key question remains:  Why is it that as more and more taxes are continuously and infallibly collected from Filipinos, there are less and less public service for the people of the Philippines?  Answer: Political authorities, political allies and favorites – the infamous KKK then very well included – were the standard beneficiaries of public funds.  The poor and miserable?  Hide them and keep them out of sight even but for some time!

More socio-economic progress.  More infrastructure development.  More health services.  More educational possibilities.  More progressive farming.  More commerce and industry possibilities.  More power generation at less cost.  More security and independence.  More justice and peace.  But all such positive and laudable intents and purposes are but one big nebulous dream if graft and corruption in practically all  branches of the then governments were not really quashed for certain and for keeps – and if the known grafters and corruptors remain immune to prosecution, remain free enjoying good life, having fun.

Certain realities should be mentioned – considering  that experience still remains the best teacher.  In the last analysis, it is the government that should be for the people – not the other way around.  It is ultimately for the common good of the people why government officials are vested with authority, impose taxes, in possession and command of public funds.  So it is that when government is worthy of trust, when public officials live with integrity and public offices thus work with honesty, that is when the citizenry would be blessed, when they could be proud of their government and Country as well.

It is worthy recalling that prior to his assumption of Office, the now incumbent President clearly, loudly, and repeatedly vowed to cleanse government of graft and corrupt practices – not merely to get rid of illegal drug manufacturers, pushers, and users.  So it is that an overwhelming number of votes were cast in his favor.  Reason:  Such avowal is clearly and directly contrary to the wallowing of the last administration in customary graft and habitual corruption on account of which so much taxes were demanded from the citizens while at the same time rendering them grand public disservice – to the extent that the Philippines eventually became not only an illegal drug exporter but also a garbage importer.

So it is that the delusional claim, the too well-known, loud and proud maxim of “Daang Matuid” in effect and in fact became a big liability for the yellow-ribbon political candidates in the last elections.  The mere mention of such a self-proclaimed righteousness made the voters protest and rebel.  So they gave their votes to someone who vowed to clean the government of graft and corruption.  This then remains a major and key agenda of the incumbent President.