Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Not long after the assumption of office by no less than the President now alone and at rest,  the said Head of State, the Chief Executive, the Commander-in-Chief and wherefore looked upon as the highest Public Servant for rendering public good and working for public welfare was begged to please – Please! – take a look at the practically national vice implanted and promoted by the illegal numbers games specially in terms of the infamous Jueteng in Luzon and the Visayas plus Masiao in Mindanao.  Being a markedly corrupt and corrupting agenda – and wherefore officially and rightfully considered illegal – that nonchalantly cheat the gamblers and fatten the infamous Gambling Lords and that corrupt many supposedly local public servants and numerous policemen as a matter of course – the infamous answer of the then sitting highest public authority in the Land was fast and clear, plain and simple:  “It is not my priority.”

For such a key public Official himself  to say as a matter of course such a stand on something illegal, predatory, and vicious was not only unexpected but also surprising, intriguing, and even scandalous as well.  But now, it has become crystal clear:  Contrary to all expectations of the impressive oratories on “Tuid na daan”, “Daang matuid”, or something the like, strange but true, the same highest public official proved to be a great advocate of gambling himself.  So it is that PAGCOR is practically all over the land operating in no less than some 35 gambling sites.  And so it is that Parañaque and Pasay have become extra official gambling sites such that a special skyway is even built to make it easier and faster for foreign professional gamblers – some of whom are said to be big money launderers – to go with ease and awe  to such luxurious gambling places all of which are strangely if not scandalously exempted from AMLAC.

Below are listed some of the Illegal” and “Legal: more known forms of gambling in the Country:

Illegal:  Alpor.  Beto-Beto.  Biyaya. Bookies. Kara y Krus.  Dice.  Ending.  First Ball.  Fourty One.  Forty Four.  Hataw.  Last Two.  Loteng.  Lucky Nine.  Monte.  Pares-Pares.  Partida.  Pula o Puti.  Pusoy/Pusoy 2.  Quadro de Jack.  Sakla.  Salisi.  Suertres.  Tupada.  Video Karera.  Etc., etc.

Legal:  Baccarat. Bingo.  Big and Small.  Black Jack.  Craps.  Cockfight.  EZ2.  Faigow.  Genuine Pairs.  Horse Racing.  Lotto.  Pontoon.  Roulette.  Slot Machines.  STL.  Stud Poker.  Super 6.  Jai-Alai.  Etc., etc.

Just for the record, gamblers are not exactly honorable and respectable; trustworthy and dependable, reputable and admirable people.  Reasons:  Gambling is synonymous with greed, avarice, covetousness.  Gambling promotes the mentality of chance, cultivates the disposition of dependence, foments the trait of indolence.  Gambling leads to corruption, addiction, shamelessness.  Gambling exploits gamblers and can even destroy their profession, impoverished if not also break their families.  Gambling is a social curse, a moral cancer, a danger to sound ethical standard.  Gambling is a vice that degrades the person, undermines his/her moral standing, erodes his/her social bearing.  Is this too profound to understand?