Monday, July 11, 2016


Gambling is a game of chance – nothing really more or less.  Winning or losing ultimately depends on luck – not really in intelligence nor reason functions.  But who wins or loses also depends on cheating done by the gambling operators under the baton of the gambling managers.  This places the gamblers at the mercy of blind luck and/or professional cheaters.

Gambling and cheating are inseparable partners.  That is why as a rule, gambling operators eventually win while gamblers ultimately  end up the losers.  Gambling is synonymous to fooling gamblers and enriching gambling operators.  This is the fundamental rationale why there are always people who gamble in the same way that there are always characters who operate gambling corporations or agencies.

Gambling foments the culture of chance contrary to the rule and demand of right reason.  Furthermore, it promotes not only indolence but also dependence – contrary to the mandate of work and industry for people to earn a living for themselves and their families, for the socio-economic development of their Country somehow, someway – in accord with their individual productive abilities.

Gambling in no way generates wealth either for the gamblers nor for the gambling operators.  Money then simply changes hands from one to another. Exactly the same amount of money merely goes from the gamblers to the gambling operators who are ultimately always the winners.  One still has to hear, to know and believe that after all is said and done, gambling operators lose to gambling.

Gambling is the pursuit of money without sweat nor toil.  The money is the same in count and amount.  It simply goes from one pocket to another – absolutely without it becoming more or less in count and in value.  One thing remains certain though.  At the end of the day – after some weeks or months – the gamblers finally lose and the gambling operators eventually win.  This is not chance but ground reality.

Gambling is synonymous with the money, money, money – big or small, clean or dirty, stolen or earned. The subject is money, the object is money.  The concern is money, the focus is money.  The bet is money, what is gained or lost is money.  The money does not become more or less in count.  It merely changes hands eventually in those of the gambling operators who are eventually the winners – always.

Gambling is the motor of covetousness – on the part of gamblers and gambling operators alike.  Every gambler covets the money of other gamblers.  Every gambling operator salivates for the  money of the gamblers.  More.  All gambling beneficiaries yearn for the money of everyone else.  More than money per se, it is the relentless pursuit of easy money that is behind  all downright gambling.

Gambling spins the cycle of avarice.  A losing gambler bets again and again to win back his lost money.  A winning gambler likewise bets again and again to win more and more money.  But at the end of it all, all gamblers lose while all gambling operators win.  These even act as benefactors of the poor and pitiful.  Yet not a centavo comes from their pockets but much money remains in their possession.

Thus is GAMBLING in this REPUBLIC.  True or false?