Wednesday, July 06, 2016



Avowed Intentions:
Consumer empowerment such that theirs is the option to choose their source of electricity among the many producers and suppliers of POWER  thus assuring the consumers of efficient, dependable, and cheap power in particular.

Open access to the transmission and distribution of electricity in the spirit of competition beneficial to the consumers, considering that they ultimately reap the profit of the private ventures of those capitalizing the industry.

Industry responsibility in assuring higher demands for environmental protection, health promotion and safety standards on the part of the producers – under penalty of considered fines and determined penalties.

Competition in the amount  and price of power generation according to the terms of power production, transmission, and generation in line with the principle of supply to and demand of the consuming private persons and public entities.

Transparency of electricity costs such as in terms of the customers knowing how much capital was used by investors, how much money all those involved in the marketing of power spent vis-à-vis   how much the consumers pay for it.

Down-to-earth Questions:

How come it is estimated that the cost of power  - electricity – in the Country is the highest apparently all over the globe?

How come the power consumers have no choice from whom to buy electricity, how to have it, and how much to pay for it?

How come not only huge electric cooperatives but also small ones here and there charge their costumers the same price as those demanded by big companies?


Is the government itself not responsible for providing public welfare for the common good of the constituent people of a Country?

Is not every Filipino automatically  paying several kind of taxes to the government under many names such as direct and indirect taxes plus Value Added Tax?

Is the government really bent on mandating and keeping the EPIRA Law that is in effect inimical to the people who pay their taxes thereto from birth to death?

Is it not possible that there are other sources of power to make this readily available to and actually cheap for the consuming public.

Is it possible that the government even but consider the possibility of taking over power generation and cost as its command as a public service to the people?