Monday, July 04, 2016


It is not really hard to kill someone – something that can be done by anyone, in any place, at any time, in any way.  But it takes so much for someone to have life:  Nine months in the womb of the mother.  Much pain for the mother to give birth to her child.  Years of feeding, cleaning and clothing, of caring, teaching and guiding, of advising, admonishing and educating.  But killing the individual – this can happen in but seconds with no difficulty, with no remorse but with glee and satisfaction even.  This is why life is precious, and death is odious.  This is why living is hard, killing is easy.  So it is that even irrational animals do everything and anything to keep themselves alive.  Life is precious even for non-thinking and non-emoting creatures.  Why and how could life be cheap among supposedly rational and even educated if not illustrious individuals even?

Without life, what is there?  Without the right to life, what are all the other human rights for?  So it is that  to save lives is the basic rationale of physicians, medicines, vaccines.  So it is that to preserve lives is the fundamental reason of hospitals, surgery, therapy.  So it is that food, shelter, and clothing are evidently meant to promote and enhance life.  And so it is that public service for the common good of people, socio-economic development for the better living of the human community, international relations for the universal warfare of nations – without life, what are they for, what are their rationale and worth for the dead?  That is why war – which is blatantly death – is the mortal scourge of people regardless of their race, color and creed.

All the above are but some of the cold facts, solid realities, standing arguments against Death Penalty.  Salivating for the Death Penalty is either living in the wrong time, loving the wrong thing, or having the wrong thinking.  So it is that if they love to die, love dying, love death, they are big exceptions to the human standards of precisely preserving life and avoiding death.  So it is that death is depicted as a ghost all in black, fearsome in look, threatening everybody with a long big sharp sickle for cutting heads.

Death by Hanging:  Sizable strong rope tied around the neck of the victim made to fall, dying by suffocation.  Head Chopping:  Big, heavy and sharp axe severing the head of the victim from his body with much blood oozing from the body.  Guillotine:  Neck of the victim tightly choked, stopping air from entering the lungs until movement there is none.  Firing Squad:  Rifles aimed and fired, bullets enter the human body, dropping the target soaked in blood, lifeless and still.  Electric Chair:  Strong electric current made to enter the human body until the heart stops beating rendering the victim lifeless.  Lethal Injection:  Strong poison gradually but surely made to invade the major arteries until death makes the victim still after much trembling, shaking.

Strange but true:  The 1987 Philippine Constitution in Article III titled “Bill of Rights” provides in Section 1 that “No person shall be deprived of life...without due process of law...”  Thereafter, the same Constitution enumerates one human right after another.  Question:  Without the Right to Life, what are the many other Rights for?  No wonder then  that according to the Amnesty International, by the year 2015, there are now no less than  a total of 241 Countries the world over that already abolished the Death Penalty.