Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The SONA – apparently so far the longest one delivered before the Legislative Branch of Government with the standard attendance of the Diplomatic Corps  and chosen individuals – unveiled a presidential agenda which is not only compound in content and reach but also complex in significance and implications.  From the contemplated and thus proposed integrated program of action, the President needs a good amount of dedicated assistance and wise advisories in order to bring to fulfilment his vision of a better Philippines – specially in terms of national socio-economic development which seems to be not really his expertise.  Among other things wherefore, this means that all the chosen members of his Cabinet cannot but be well-qualified and able to do their respective jobs – in addition to being vested not only with the proper authority but also the proven integrity.

From the pertinent sections of the SONA, the following seem to be a series of more urgently perceived agenda – among many other complementary ventures: Getting rid of drug lords, drug producers, drug pushers at all cost, through all means.  Cleansing the government from graft and corrupt practices.  Assuring employees and workers stable employments and higher salaries.  Serving and protecting the poor through less taxes and more public service.  Working for peace not only in terms of the Mindanao dilemma but also in offering the hand of friendship to ideological groups.  Proposing the option for a Federal Form of Government.  Asking for emergency power to wok out a better traffic scheme.  Attending to the rift between Philippines and China.

However, there seem to be certain truly necessary and wherefore duly demanded agenda for a better tomorrow of the Filipinos that were not clearly pointed out – such as:  There is the imperative of actualizing honest to goodness Land Reform basically for the emergence of more spirited farmers and consequent more productive farming – the coconut industry well-included.  There is the complementary requirement for honest-to-goodness irrigation systems usually assured by enough and strategically-located water dams – which ordinarily includes electricity production.  In particular, there is the standing, continuous and loud public outcry not simply more but also cheaper energy that is not contributory to climate change.

Before, during, and after the SONA, there is something that remains definite and defined:  The President neither appears worried not preoccupied with upholding the Right to Life which is the anchorage of all other basic Human Rights.  There seems to be a kind of fixation to getting rid of drugs vis-à-vis doing away with the lives of all those therein involved as producers, distributors, pushers.  The President seems to be nonchalant about the well-noted enormous and continuous big graft and corrupt practices engaged into by certain infamous individuals in the past administration who readily pocketed public funds and/or generously gave these to their political allies for personal purposes.

But all the immediately above said reservations notwithstanding, there are marked indications that compared to the previous administration, the present one by and large appears not only promising but also uncompromising in its avowed resolve to render better public service to the Filipinos, to bring about a better Philippines.