Friday, July 15, 2016


Gambling is synonymous to covetousness.  Gambling  equals avarice.  Gambling is synonymous to greed.  Gambling promotes the mentality of chance.  Gambling implants the spirit of dependence on luck, the reading of signs, the interpretation of dreams.  Gambling cultivates indolence.  Gambling divests the gamblers of good name.  Gambling creates addicts.  Gambling causes poverty.  Gambling generates crimes.  Gambling is contra sweat and industry.  Gambling impoverishes individuals, destroys families and at times even causes social disharmony.

More.  Gambling is an ethical liability, a moral cancer.  Gambling exploits the gamblers.  Gambling enriches the gambling operators.  Gambling corrupts not few local and national public officials.  Gambling foments crimes.  Gambling destroys decency, sound value system, laudable cultural traits.  Gambling usually comes with guns and goons for the sake of gold.  Gambling is a masquerade for the promotion of social action, the granting of social benefits, the pursuit of social development as justifications.  Gambling makes the end justify the means.

More.  Gambling is anything but a “Gaming” and an “Amusement” – all pretenses to the contrary notwithstanding.  Gambling attracts gangsters, sinister characters, dubious figures.  Gambling definitely  and continuously invite money launderers specially from foreign shores.  Gambling is a haven for money lenders repaid with multiplied and multiplying interest rates.  Gambling is dangerous and not simply difficult to counteract.  Gambling is a downright vice – be this surreptitiously run and officially approved, grandiosely established and lavishly promoted.

More.  Gambling is as old as humanity.  Hence, countering it is both futile and silly.  Gambling is in the blood of Filipinos.  Hence, getting rid of it in the Philippines is practically killing its citizenry.  Gambling is but a form of entertainment.  Hence, without it, people would simply wallow in lamentation and self-pity.  Gambling is merely a recreation.  Hence, in its absence, there would be but idleness and dejection.  Gambling provides work for people.  Hence without it, people would have no work at all.  One answer to all the above allegations:  Really?

It is a consolation to take notice of the fact that the new administration has something contra gambling.  No.  it has neither censured much less stopped gambling in the land.  But it  already said something about doing away with “Online Gambling” which only a wizard could count how many, would know where they are, who are their operators.  It is now incumbent upon the people to know and to speak whether such a presidential option simply fell on deaf ears or in fact being acted upon.  Such counter-gambling move  is good for a start.

But then what about the no less than some 33 illegal forms of gambling in the Country – from Alpor  to Video Karera, from Loteng to Sakla, from Bookies to Hataw, from Masiao to Pares-Pares, etc., etc., etc.?  Just as in the so-called Legal Gambling”, even in such illegal gambling modalities, the Gambling Lords – be this the government itself or private individuals – are ultimately the winners, the beneficiaries, the victors.  So sad yet so true!