Monday, June 13, 2016


There is an ever increasing number of people who do not believe in God – in His existence, His teachings, not even His Commandments that are but ten in number as the Good Book itself has them one by one clearly expressed and categorically enumerated.  So is it that in addition to “Thou shall not kill” (Exodus 20:13), adultery is likewise explicitly and categorically considered taboo for men and women as far as God in concerned.  It is duplicity incarnate for anyone to loudly claim his or her belief in God yet shouts his or her love of killing plus proudly display an adulterous life without neither remorse nor shame.

So it is that anyone who dares say that he or she believes in God yet not simply salivates in having others killed but also comfortably lives in adultery, is falsity incarnate.  To claim belief in God yet find joy in killing as well as flaunt adulterous living – this is nothing less than blatant hypocrisy based on sick and sickening egoism unlimited.  Belief in God plus utter disregard for His Commandments are a gross contradiction, an incarnate lie.  The honest-to-goodness truth that emerges  from such a ridiculous falsity is affirmed and confirmed gross duplicity.  It is akin to someone who is “Two-Faced” with its known equivalent in Spanish as “Doble Cara”.

Those living in adultery might want to answer the following rather simple questions:  What will they teach their children? It’s OK for them to have other spouse one after another  plus these and those children as well from other  men or women?  Therefore, it is OK for their own children – after witnessing firsthand the adulterous living of their fathers or mothers – to likewise indulge in adulterous relationships as a matter of fact when they are already grown up and married.  The truth of the matter is that children do not only inherit the material fortune but also suffer from the amorality plus consequent duplicity of their parents.  The thought and claim of self-perfection while demonstrating the lack of conscience in action and behavior – this is an exemplary demonstration of egoism incarnate that at times goes as far as self-deism.

Anyone who claims belief in God yet acts believing in himself or herself as superior to Divinity – such is not simply incarnate falsity but also the incarnation of shame and danger to society.  So it is that killing is OK, adultery is alright, cursing is customary.  What’s next?  Claim of omnipotence? Promotion of the annihilation of anybody, anytime for any conceived cause?  Such self-deception can easily escalate to the self-deceiving proclamation of divinity, the hallucinatory claim of inerrancy, the delusions of immortality.  Woe to their followers with errant societal designs, with anti-social ideological orientation and consequent actuations.  Reason:  At the end of the day, at the right time and place, they will be all eventually gone if not done away with.  And as everybody else, they are buried or cremated and returned to dust.

So it is said:  Someone on top of a mountain can think that he is higher than the mountain itself.  In the same way, somebody in tenure of power can consider  himself as all-knowing, all able, and therefore all powerful.  Nobody can stop him.  Nothing can be in his way.  He speaks and everybody says, “Amen!” – or else.