Monday, June 20, 2016


This is a pleading – an appeal, an entreaty, a supplication – in favour of those burdened by Gender Identity Difficulty (GID).  This plea in  no way comes from them, much less done at their demand.  The Pleading  is made in the name of those belaboured with gender ambivalence who are not exactly rejoicing for it and who therefore have a rightful claim for the respect of all others free from the  Difficulty.  They have a rightful claim to the understanding and compassion of those spared from gender ambivalence.

It is not hard to know the pain and to realize the predicament of those with the said sexual predicament.  The burden of having GID is definitely not their own choice, much less their own preference.  It is not at all improbable that they themselves are perplexed how come they are bearers of the Difficulty, what have they done to deserve such a sexual orientation.  Most of all, why are they ridiculed and despised even for something they have not really chosen to be.  Making them objects of ridicule precisely because they are afflicted with GID – this does not make sense.

This pleading then is premised on the personhood and dignity of all those saddled with GID.  None of those without the Difficulty are necessarily good persons or honourable individuals.  Human sexuality does not necessarily make individuals have less or more human dignity, with a more or lesser right to human understanding and consideration.  As those with GID can and do  at times misbehave, so too  those without GID can and do antisocial acts.  The plain and simple truth is that sexuality itself does not make someone equal, above or below others in their personhood which is very much more than mere sexual orientation.

In other words, just as men are not necessarily above women and vice versa, so it is that those with GID are neither necessarily below men and women without it.  Sexuality alone does not make people unequal in their objective worth and pursuant dignity.  In times long past and in certain beliefs still existent to these days, the thinking and acting that men just by being men are automatically  above women – are not acceptable as it is contrary to objective truth.  Neither is it reasonable to belittle or ridicule those afflicted with the Difficulty in their  sexual identity.

Those thus concerned, might not even know why they have the Difficulty, where did this come from, how come they apparently could not get rid of it.  This is why they definitely do not need ridicule but compassion, not rejection but understanding.  It is said that stepping down on someone already laying on the ground  -- so to speak – is nothing less than cruelty.  It is the same when precisely those already with GID are belittled, ridiculed, and scorned even.  That there are those with GID who debase their persons, who make people ridicule themselves and the like – this is their own call, their own intention, their own design.  But let them know however that they are the shame and problem of all other afflicted with GID who simply want to live with integrity and decency.