Monday, May 16, 2016


The interesting elections are over.  The winners are celebrating.  The losers are mourning.  The general public is waiting.  What happens next?  So much money changed hands.  So many lives were put in danger if not actually lost.  So many enticing promises were made.  What happens next?  The merely talking and simply posturing national leadership is going – after having so much errant deeds done and many needed socio-economic  agenda left undone.  Someone of apparently few hard words but a professed action-man is taking over.  The criminals are waiting.  The crooks are looking.  The dregs of society are watching.  What happens next?

The people were told that they will surely know within three to six months from take-over day.  Will the infamous KKK definitively be driven away and gone forever and ever?  Will the big thieves in government deservingly go to jail?  Will the criminals in the streets disappear?  Will the crooks here and there go away?  Will the drug syndicates vanish forever?  Will casinos decrease in number as well as having less in gangster players and money launderers?  Will illegal gambling be eventually thing of the past?  Will customs discontinue in their customary lying and cheating?  Will women and children prostitution become but vicious phenomena of the past?

And within six years, will families  living under bridges and by the canals eventually have humane and decent homes to live in?  Will the time come when children no longer gather rubbish to sell, no longer seek food from garbage cans?  Will they eventually go to school instead of trying to earn a living for themselves and their families?  And will children with their parents finally leave the sidewalks to sleep on and live by?  No.  This is definitely not asking for heaven on earth.  It is simply asking and hoping that the in-coming administration will gradually but surly be the opposite of the out-going one – as it promises to be so.

More.  Will farmers eventually own the farms they have been working on for decades – with the hacienda owners  simply looking by and living well by the sweat and tears of others?  Will farmers eventually have the needed water to make their plants grow, their harvest increase and provide the people enough food to eat and live?  Will Filipinos finally have reasonably priced power to use by having their own local cheap power producing sources?  Will socio-economic  development then become a reality and not merely an impossible dream in this Country?

There is something great waiting for the new President when he takes over the reigns of the government.  This:  The out-going one has done so little so badly that the in-coming one cannot but do better, do more.  The former wasted his time and opportunities in rendering public service for public welfare.  The latter will then find it easy to attend to public interests, to promote the common good.  The vanishing presidential figure has institutionalized social injustice.  The appearing one will find it likewise easy to restore and uphold social justice.  The appearing one will find it likewise easy to restore and uphold social justice more concretely in the use of public funds – even minus the oppressive VAT.

The time has come for the people to watch and see not only what will happen in three to six months but specially so in the next six years - with the question:  Was six years too long for the people to suffer from the past administration?  Will six years be too short for the people to enjoy the advent of the new administration?