Wednesday, May 11, 2016


If the pre-election period was loaded with loud talks and grand plans, big promises and proclaimed commitments, futuristic projects and pursuant optimistic projections, this immediately post-election time makes attentive vigilance plus fervent prayer imperative.  These are two timely and pivotal agenda for the Filipino people – irrespective of the region they live in and the creed they profess.  Reason:  These are precarious times and critical realities that are beyond but mere human wishful thinking, pure human options and effort.  And that is exactly what this post-election time is basically all about, viz., the imperative of prayer.  Not only action when the election prove a farce – but also prayer when nothing less than the intervention of God has become imperative – considering that there is evil in election fraud, cheating, manipulation that are the dreadful and composite enemy of democracy, the gross violation and denial of the equality of dignity and pursuant rights of a free people supposedly thus living in a democratic country.

Question:  What do they pray for?

Answer:  Pray that the voters were intelligent enough to have voted for political candidates with a sound mind and a right value system, with enough moral bearing to know the good to be done and the evil to be avoided, to be well aware that they should render public service for public good – neither self-service nor but service to family and friends.

Answer:  Pray that people have given their votes to really deserving political candidates, neither to but merely popular ones nor to those who simply talk much and well but could do little, much less to those candidates who would be in peace with themselves when people are hungry and miserable, who in effect would multiply not lessen the problems of the Country.

Answer:  Pray for votes actually going to the rightful political candidates who are pro-others than but pro-selves, who will eventually be the solution for not the problem of the Country.  Pray for the eventual election of aspirants for public offices whose main preoccupation wherefore would be to render public service not merely self- service nor but service for dynastic welfare.

Answer:  Pray that the vote counting machines and their operators would work in accord with objective truth, that the vote cheaters would undergo conversion in favor of truth, justice and peace the ultimate beneficiaries of which are the Filipinos and their one and only country the Philippines, their one and only Philippines in the four corners of the globe.

Answer:  And please – PLEASE – pray that when people see, perceive and become convinced that there was gross cheating. abominable fraud, disgusting betrayal in the last election, there would be no big anger, downright uprising, pervasive and lasting – not to mention  violent and virulent – protests here and there.  This is not but mere imagination, but definitely neither is it an invitation.  it is but a simple and honest warning.