Wednesday, May 18, 2016


There is a multi-faceted  and non-debatable reality in this Country – supposedly the Pearl of the Orient Seas but in fact a Paradise Lost.  This:  If the innumerable, impressive and magnificent promises formally and officially, repeatedly and insistently made by public officials – specially when initially running for elections and particularly so when thereafter already occupy and enjoy well rewarded and much favored national offices upon winning the elections – became ground realities, then the Philippines would be nothing less than Heaven to live in and a Paradise to enjoy  belonging to.  So it is that among other things, they loudly promise when running for election and proudly proclaim after winning the election the following – among other glorious commitments:

Public service by public officials.  Public interests over and above private concerns. Common good over individual benefits and family welfare.  Honesty and integrity in government.  Respect for human rights, deference for human dignity.  More:

Pervasive and full economic growth.  Intensive and extensive development all over the Country.  Reign of justice and peace, of unity and solidarity in all regions.  No more poverty and want.  No destitution and misery in the land.  More:  Education for everybody.  Work for everyone.  Big salaries with small deductions.  Little taxation for big incomes.  Land for the landless.  Housing for everyone.  Abundant and cheap food supply.  Medicine grant and hospital care for the sick.

Yet after no less than   six years in the highest and wherefore most powerful Office in the land, its soon outgoing occupant – immersed in high self-esteem and wallowing in self-appreciation in the light of its tired and tiring hurrah of “Daang Matuid”  that in fact went nowhere – is leaving behind a people who know and still remember well the Luneta killings, the Atimonan murders, the SAF 44 massacre, the Kidapawan bullets that killed farmers merely pleading for rice to eat.  This is not to mention the heritage customary graft and corrupt practices, the spectacle of a well-funded and much-hurried impeachment of a Chief Justice (R.I.P.), the unique and shameful phenomenon Tanim Bala included.  There are more but few examples are enough to prove incompetence in governance, corruption in administration, indolence in management on the part of the supposedly illustrious, exemplary and saintly supreme Chief-in-Command.

So is it that no less than the same supposedly saintly figure himself was the real and fundamental cause of the honest-to-goodness huge loss of his replacement bet – not really on account of the negative features of the endorsed but rather due to the many and big liabilities of the endorser.  So it is that the said endorser  is the real cause of the opposition leader being clearly the winner in the last political exercise.  Again:  The big loss of the endorsed – notwithstanding all available resources spent and influence exerted to promote his candidacy – was precisely due to the big and many official as well as personal liabilities of his endorser.  The voters did not choose him on account of their dismay and frustration for his patron.  Philippines my Philippines:  There seems to be but one way for you to go – seeing how down you are.  Up!