Friday, May 13, 2016


In the spirit of the Apostolic Exhortation of the good and kind Pope Francis with the heading “Joy of Love”,  the over-all theme of which is about love in the family, it might be right and timely to forward certain negative situations or factors that basically argue against getting married that emphatically deny that marriage is a rational option, that marriage is wherefore nothing more really but some kind of a remedial choice.  Some of these negative realities that precisely and seriously argue against the celebration of marriage are the following – when existent at least on the part of either the man or the woman concerned at the time of marriage:

(1)  When someone does not really want to get married at all for reasons of his or her own – such as because of his/her sad experience of dislike or even disgust with errant ways and means of his/her own family.

(2) When someone merely gets married simply because the woman concerned becomes pregnant which is but the result of having fun and pleasure – with no marriage of any kind at all in mind.

(3)  When someone does not in fact believe in marriage, convinced that mere cohabitation is enough, that a wedding is but a social event, that a couple can be happy living together even without any marriage of any kind at all.

(4)  When someone looks at marriage as nothing more than an occasion to celebrate and be happy with friends – laughing, drinking, eating – which is over and done away with after an hour or so after  the wedding.

(5)  When someone considers it not only improbable but practically impossible and even ridiculous to live with another for the rest of their lives – all his or her alienating action and reaction patterns considered.

(6)  When someone considers it not only improbable but impractical that a couple would have to wait for nothing less than the death of a spouse in order to have someone else younger and attractive  to live with.

(7)  When someone is not really the marrying kind on account of his or her markedly egoistic personality, selfish orientation or individualistic preoccupation such that his/her likes and dislikes are markedly inviolable.

(8)  When someone is not certain really about his or her own sexuality or is in fact sure that he wants to live with another man or she prefers to live with another woman, as a life partner.

(9)  When someone somehow  feels or even knows that he or she is affected with a given personality impairment that is not the premise of marriage with the latter’s intrinsic nature and essential finalities.

(10)  When someone believes that separation/divorce is an elementary and legitimate recourse when the time comes that his or her spouse is too difficult to live with, too long to wait for his or her demise.