Friday, April 15, 2016


In respect to the inherent dignity of every human person as affirmed by Church Law and  confirmed by Civil Law, it is but proper to bring the matter of the so-called “Third Sex”, “LGBT”, or the like  to its objectively right understanding such as in terms of “Sexual Identity Ambivalence”.  Thus:

Sexual Identity Ambivalence is but incidental, not deliberate much less intentional in nature and manifestation.

It is good to remember that the Ambivalence is not something that someone actually seeks and really enjoys having.  Rather, it has many possible causes of various nature such as on account of different life situations or personal circumstances.  In fact, there are those who understandably want to be freed therefrom such that they themselves seek professional accompaniment to lighten it at least, if not altogether free themselves from it.  So it is that it can be readily said that rather very few – if any- would in effect actually seek, and enjoy the Ambivalence for their lifetime.  It happens to be such that these men and women are saddled by the phenomenon for many different reasons – but definitely not because they like to have it, much less choose to have it.  Thus it is that the Ambivalence is but an incidental in one’s life.

Sexual Identity Ambivalence is a difficulty, not a sickness, much less a curse as some imprudent people would like to think and say even.

It is heard here and there that the Ambivalence is a downright malady or a personality impairment of one kind or another.  There are also those who consider it as some kind of a bad fortune which is more negative in implications than a mere misfortune.  All such beliefs and assumptions however do not have the least objective reason or realistic premise to stand on.  While the Ambivalence may not be considered as a blessing – even but taking into account the fact alone that it is precisely a given sexual duality – neither is it right nor proper to look at it as some kind of a scourge or punishment imposed against this man or that woman for whatever reason.  Such a perception is infantile – to say the least.  It is not easy to look for those with such sexual burden who are jumping for joy so to speak, for precisely having it which is some kind of a contradiction in one’s sexual  orientation.  Respect and understanding they deserve.

Sexual Identity Ambivalence is about one’s sexuality, not about his or her personality as a whole.

It is good to emphasize that although the human person is one singular reality, it is nonetheless true that the same has a good number of constitutive elements as well as qualifying features – one of which is precisely his  or her sexuality.  And, needless to say, human sexuality is definitely not equals one’s person.  So it is that while this is in no way intended to say that one’s sexuality is not important, much less is this saying that one’s person equals his or her sexuality.  In other words, the essence of one’s personhood is very much more than the sexuality thereto appended.  Love and respect they deserve.  Woe to those who look down on them with an air of superiority.