Monday, April 04, 2016


In fairness to serious and diligent voters who look at elections much more than popularity contests or but mere entertainments, there are certain key questions that the political candidates specially for elective national public offices should answer in sincerity and truth, with credibility and candor, with the competence and potentials of converting mere words into ground realities.  Needless to say, it is certainly not enough for them to proffer their answers thereto in terms of but rhetorical declarations, nice maxims, mere palliatives and like other dreamy  responses in Cloud 9.  Much less would it be sufficient for them to give heavenly answers to such questions as the following:

Question:  What will they do not only to bring about a fast and credible Justice System in the Country such that it does not bow to the wealthy and influential but neither to the power and import of partisan politics?

Question:  What will they do in order to bring about real and lasting socio-economic development in the Country many of its citizenry have been long since suffering not simply from poverty but also from downright misery?

Question:  What will they do in order to produce not simply enough but also clean and cheap energy which is a key imperative for genuine and lasting socio-economic development?

Question:  What will they do in order to incite and sustain industry not merely in terms of manufacturing in general but particularly so in food production, considering that the Philippines has great agrarian potentials?

Question:  What will they do to even but lessen if not altogether do away with Climate Change the ultimate destructive impact of which are not merely in terms of human resources but also nothing less than the loss of human lives?

Question:  What will they do to bring genuine and lasting peace in Mindanao not only to bring about genuine and persevering human harmony therein but also to harness its big potentials in terms of energy and industry?

Question:  What will they do to make the Philippines hold on and keep its own land and sea coverage – Sabbah included – strongly coveted by foreign regimes basically because of its power reserves?

Question:  What will they do in order to affirm and ascertain that the three pillars of government – the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial Branches – remain really co-equal in truth and in fact?

Question:  What will they do to once and for all realistically and resolutely define the political anti-dynasty constitutional provision which is but a mandate of reason and a dictate of ethics?

Such are the main honest to goodness questions that candidates for the 2016 Elections should be able to answer with credibility.