Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Pope Francis is definitely God’ s precious and timely gift not only to the Universal Church but also to the world as a whole during these trying times and saddening events after no less than more than two thousand years have passed since the birth of Christ and the foundation of the Church.  And in all that very long time span, so many different Church norms and practices have come to fore.  So it is observances after observances have come to fore.  So it is too that various world events have taken place, so many antithetical values have emerged, so many divergent value systems have come to fore.  And the ones who are blessed or cursed by the said realities are infallibly the people – with particular relevance to those in the fold of the Catholic Church.  And the Catholics in the four corners of the world have thus become better or worst, blessed or miserable.

There is so much cruelty and suffering.  All these cry for Mercy.  There is so much desperation and hopelessness.  All these plead for Compassion.    And Pope Francis is kindly and readily responding thereto.  He wants fallen Catholics to be once again brought back to the embrace of the Church they left behind for one reason or another.  He wants erring and suffering non-Catholics be given more respect  and understanding.  He wants people – irrespective of race, color and creed – to be more deferential to one another.  He wants, teaches and prays that humanity be eventually reconciled with Divinity such that as the former (humanity) that comes from the Creative Work of the Latter (Divinity), be hereto eventually reconciled through Mercy and Compassion particularly through the pastoral intervention of the Church.  Among many other teachings and pleadings, Pope Francis expressed:

His affection and concern for Catholics whose marriages prove to be failures for one or another nullifying reality existent at the time of the wedding.  So it is that he had the Marriage Nullity Process shortened with the thought that it is nothing else than the truth that really matters in the resolution of ab initio null and void marriage – not the long length of time nor the procedural intricacy of the Process.

His cognizance and awareness of the pains and sorrow felt by those who undergo one or more divorces after one or more marriages.  The truth is that in such sorrowful events, those who suffer the pains of such a parting of ways are not only the men and women thus directly concerned but also their children if any.  Sad to say, even the latter might think that divorces are also the solution to their own eventual sad marriages in the course of time.

His understanding and sympathy for those wanting to have the institution of “Same Sex Marriage” on the account of their constitutional difficulty in their sexual identity.  The response thereto is neither ridicule nor depreciation – but the objective truth in the order of nature that such a “Same Sex Marriage” is a contradiction of terms.  While “Marriage” stands for fatherhood, “Matrimony” is rooted in motherhood.

The Spirit of “Mercy and Compassion” in the mind and heart of Pope Francis is in perfect accord with the two fundamental Commandments of “Love of God” and “Love of Neighbor” that are nothing more than the synthesis of the “Ten Commandments”.  In fact, the ecclesial institution founded by Christ Himself is known and called “Holy Mother the Church”.  And the figure of a loving and tender “mother” clearly stands for mercy and compassion.

Pope Francis – Mabuhay!