Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The so proudly called and often quoted “Daang Matuid” is good to invoke, nice to say, pleasant to hear – if it were real and true.  It is some kind of an inspiring proclamation.  It has heroic undertones.  It promotes some kind of holy insinuations.  The truth is that when it was first invoked and even shouted in public, the people cheered loud, rejoiced much and clapped their hands with some kind of an ecstasy.  It even became a maxim for incarnate self-righteousness, for heroism and saintliness of one kind or another.  So it is that to this date, it is invoked as some kind of a mysterious mantra, a populist stance, a prophetic claim, i.e., as a loud political hurrah to win a public office on the occasion of the forthcoming election.

 But that was alright probably then – but not now.  It was thus before but not today.  Shout  or even whisper it these days and what you get is disbelief  and disdain, rebuke and ridicule even.  The reason for such a reversal is rather plain and simple.  Not much intelligence is needed.  No such mental gymnastics are required.

Let it be said, just for the record – that the once considered inspired and inspiring Hurrah was in fact historically preceded by a horrendous past:  The infamous Hacienda.  The gruesome Mendiola Massacre.  The grim Tarlac killings.

And the same Hurrah during the recent pass is accompanied by rather detestable and shameful phenomena:  The infamous DAP and PDAP inventions.  The Corona impeachment for his daring Hacienda intervention.  The SAF 44 Massacre.

This is  not to mention the infamous KKK, the partisan application of justice, the Bilibid Prison phenomenon which makes the possession of weaponries, the use of illegal drugs, the installation of conveniences as but standards of living.

So it is that the ominous “Daang Matuid”  gave way to the local manufacture, distribution and use of drugs, the local promotion of women and girls for sale, the local reign of criminals night and day, the local proliferation of gambling.

And this is saying nothing about more and more people living in sub-human conditions, families that live by the canals and under bridges, parents and children sleeping on the sidewalks – all surveys to the contrary notwithstanding.

And what is really bad and shameful news is that the Philippines is becoming more and more infamous for tolerating partisan political graft and corrupt practices, for even making gambling as a promotion of big foreign Money Laundering.

“Daang matuid”:  What is that?  Where is it?  What is it for?  And going where?  Is it the way to social discontent?  is it the route going to perdition?  Is it the road leading to social discontent and chaos?  Or is it going nowhere at all?

Now, there appears to be one strong signal to the effect that political candidates invoking the mantra of “Daang matuid” are in fact alienating people from voting for them.  The reason is not really hard to understand and accept:  The so-called “Daan” is anything but “Matuid”!  It goes anywhere but towards the right direction.  It ends anywhere except where people rightfully want to be.