Monday, April 25, 2016


Love in general is definitely a joy to have, to feel, to live in.  In the same way, love too can be the cause of much pain and sorrow, profound difficulty and remorse.  Recently, Pope Francis – the now truly merciful and compassionate Serving Father of the Church spread all over the globe – gave an expressed and formal “Exhortation” with the above over-all heading but with particular reference to family life that has specific relevance to less fortunate people.  Thus:

“Families face many challenges, from migration to the ideological denial of differences between the sexes (Ideology of Gender); from culture of provisional to anti-birth mentality and the impact of biotechnology in the field of pro-creation; from lack of housing and work to pornography and the abuse of minors; from inattention to persons with disabilities to lack of respect for the elderly; from legal dismantling of the family to violence against women.”(Off. Vat. Network)

Ideology of Gender: Considering the very essence and nature itself of marriage, the ground reality is that “Same Sex Marriage” is a contradiction in terms.  But this gives people no right to belittle all those concerned in its promotion.

Culture of Anti-Birth Mentality:  The Church upholds Responsible Parenthood.  This however in no way means that those who subscribed to the opposite mind frame should be held in disrespect and contempt.

Lack of Housing and Work:  These realities are in effect anti-human in impact.  So it is that everybody capable of so doing something in their favour should help those poor people concerned – irrespective of color, race and creed.

Pornography, Abuse of Minors:  While the former may be for purposes of earning a living, such remains ethically unacceptable.  Neither is the latter in any way acceptable.  It then belongs to all concerned citizens to stop such errant phenomena.

Inattention to Persons with Disabilities and Disrespect of the Elderly:  So it is that the more able individuals are, the more they are urged to help the disabled.  And the young may not but respect the old because they too become eventually old.

Legal Dismantling of the Family:  Family dissolution is painful to the father and the mother – specially so the children.  Those thus affected should be accordingly cared for and definitely not looked down upon by others.  They are already in pain.

Violence against Women:  It belongs to the strong to help the weak – to go to the assistance of violated women.  Except for muscle difference, women are no lesser persons than men.  Their violators can be anything but better persons.

The fundamental Commandment of loving one’s neighbour applies to all – irrespective of their color, race, and creed.  The more poor and weak, ignorant and helpless, dependent and needful, suffering and ignored, the more entitled they are to benevolent attention and care they are entitled to.  They too are God’s children.  And they too are well-covered by the Commandment.  They too are entitled to have the “Joy of Love”.