Friday, April 29, 2016


It is bad enough that there exists the threat of war outside the Country in the sense that there is nearby China laying claim on what is rightfully owned by the Philippines.  So it is that there is the dubious EDCA that finds the presence of USA armed forces in this Country not only in terms of military bases and marine weaponry but also in the form of the so-called “Balikatan Exercise” – plus the forthcoming “Donation”  of American war implements to the Philippines to better equip this for war.

More.  There is also the actually long since on-going war in the Philippines from within as verified by the following: The angry MNLF. The cruel BFF. The waiting MILF.  The fearsome ISIS. The practically everlasting NPA.  More.  The goons plus guns under the command of political figures.  The gangsters that have become more in number, more in weaponry, more in active criminal acts day and night.  At this juncture, it might be good to put forward even but the following on-the-ground realities and consequent concrete reminders which are not only timely but also necessary.

1.  In this thermo-nuclear times, war could not be used as an instrument of justice supposedly productive of peace.  Wantonly killing people – young and old, enemies and friends alike – contradicts even elementary logic.

2.  War has never been and will never be a solution to national and/or international problems.  Reason:  War is the problem where to bombs and bullets everybody – good and bad alike – is in their way.

3.  New and more complicated conflicts are brought about by war.  People killing people cannot   be the solution to their multilateral disgust with one another.  The living left behind would not exactly love one another.

4.  War compromises humanity’s present and threatens its future.  War maims and kills people – the good and the bad, the young and the old alike.  War makes no distinction among the innocent and the guilty.

6.  So it is that as anything and everything right and good, precious and invaluable could be lost by war, nothing is lost in harmony and peace.  The truth is, that no country ever wins a war as this in fact means a big loss for it.

7.  There must be alternative solutions to resolve international conflicts, to do away with the threats of war – to do away with war as an option even.  One thing is certain:  The poor and the weak, the elderly and children are first and sure victims of war.  No war is really won whereas the winner itself definitely suffers its own losses.  People killing people is not a rational option whereas the killers are damned and the killed are gone.

Is there really an honest and rational choice between war and peace?  Since when is killing people a praiseworthy choice?  Does killing the guilty and the innocent alike make anyone a hero?  Would humanity not forget that another name for peace is development!