Friday, April 22, 2016


The following are considered as the main diagnostic features of “Antisocial Personality Disorder”, the more of which are verified the more certain becomes the existence of the said personality adversity:

a.  Defiant and offensive stance not only against the usual social norms of living and standard ways of behaving but also counter the observance of laws that precisely regulate social life productive of social order.

Said errancy usually starts within the domestic environ of the individual concerned and makes its transit in the community or society – the harmony and stability of which depend on proper human interrelationships.

b.  Insistent and consistent irresponsibility not simply in observing one’s obligations but also in respecting the rights and prerogatives of others.  There is then a two-way offensive posture, viz., against oneself and against others.

It is bad enough if someone shuns what he is supposed to do as imposed by self-rule, by personal propriety.  It is worst when the same also disregards and offends the dignity and pursuant ethical claims of others.

c.  Nonchalant self-misrepresentation and deceit productive of customary practice of falsity, a matter-of-fact lying and a matter-of-course deception of others – these are the standard manifestations of the Disorder.

It seems improper to say that such antisocial disposition and actuations are intentional or deliberate such that they are the products of free-will in the strict meaning of the term.  Personality Disorders are not free-will products.

d.  Impulsivity plus insensitivity in offending against social norms and observances not only in term of civic provisions but also criminal legislations are marked indications of an anti-social individual.

It is not improbable at all that the specially hardened criminals are in fact afflicted by such a disordered personality constitution.  Once released from custody, the criminal deed remains.

e.  Thoughtlessness and recklessness not only as far as oneself is concerned but also with regard to the welfare and safety of others.  These are likewise the standard actuations of those afflicted by the Disorder.

The phrase “devil-may-care” attitude can be rightfully considered s the maxim of anti-social persons.  What they do  is what they do, and that’s it.  Too bad if others and they themselves suffer for it one way or another.

f.  Ill-tempered and ill-humored resulting in aggressiveness are qualifying personal traits of those saddled by the “Disorder”.  So is it that repeated fights with and assaults on others are “normal” for these individuals.