Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hereunder are some of the more glaring negative features in today’s Philippine Political Scene which cry for attention and correction under the penalty of further national retrogression in peace and order, a worst scenario in the socio-economic development of the Country which only the mindless and heartless would accept and even welcome perhaps:

a.  The interests of the powerful and the wealthy are pitted against  those of the poor and the weak through political peddling and influence.  So it is that the weak and the poor are made but pawns not only before but also after elections.  But just the same, they are much expendable or disposable all along.

b.  The equal application of the law and the administration of justice are jeopardized by preferential factors usually on account of political considerations.  More often than  not, the law is considered but nicely worded provisions which can be anything but really obligatory ground realities.

c.  The constitutional provision on the Separation of Powers among the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches can be set aside for reciprocal gains.  It is a shameful act that sometime ago, the Chief Justice was removed from Office when a judgment was made against the interests of the Boss-in-Command.

d.  Political debts are paid by those elected into public offices particularly through the appointment of their supporters in juicy government positions or assignments.  The shameless phenomenon is very well demonstrated by the infamous phenomenon commonly known as “KKK”.

e.  Collaboration between the Executive Department and the Congress in padding Government Budget with different conceivable “Pork Barrel” items -  all at the definite expense of the general public dutifully paying multiple invented and  duly named taxes from birth to death. 

f.  There is practically no public accountability of the resources and gains of government-owned and controlled corporations usually managed by political protégées.  This shameful living reality has special relevance to Gambling Corporations happily and contently operating all over the Philippines.

g.  The Electoral Process is usually and systematically subverted specially by those in tenure of powerful public Offices to favour themselves and/or their protégés.  The fact that there are foreigners in the Country who with fun and glee say that to these days, Filipinos still do not know how to count.

One this is certain:  Whereas the errant and pitiful Political Scene existing in the Philippines is allowed to be such by Filipinos themselves, they too are certainly in tenure of the capacity and possibilities to change it – if they really so desire.  The questions are who and where are they, what are they doing and not doing, when will they act and not remain dormant, nonchalant?  Philippine History is the standing witness that Filipinos are neither fools nor cowards.  When challenged, they stand up.  When vilified, they fight back.