Monday, March 21, 2016


Considering the human person as the foundation and purpose of the political community essentially means working for the recognition and respect for human dignity by defending and promoting fundamental and inalienable human rights.

The political community has one over-all fundamental rationale, viz., public service to and the common good of the human person.  Subverting this ethical norm and moral principle is a betrayal of public trust, a cause of social disorder.  This is the salient and marked lesson of human history, viz., what people do to the political community which eventually prove to be their common misfortune:  They eventually get rid of it, one way or another, sooner or later.  This is a historical truth.

The political environment pursues the common when it seeks to create a human environ that offers the citizens the possibility of truly exercising their human rights and of fulfilling their corresponding obligations.

An honest to goodness beneficial political environ is what respects, benefits and affirms the human person in his/her totality – body and soul, mind, will and spirit plus  socio-economic development.  This composite beneficial human reality is not but a fantasy on proviso that the political community insistently and continuously does what it is meant for – with all its resources and possibilities.  The one and only prime condition is that the latter really does what it is meant for and the human person in turn also does what it is obliged to do  for the political community such as paying taxes and observing just laws.

The full attainment of the common good requires that the political community develop a two-fold and complementary action that defends and promotes human rights.

Not only to defend but also to promote the rights intrinsic to every human person – irrespective of color and creed, age and sex, financial status and social standing – is the mandatory as well as the priority agenda of the political community.  At the same time however, the latter has to work for justice, peace and development in favor of every human person in society.  The ground reality however is that human dignity plus the consequent human rights of the human person would not mean much in the event that the same would suffer in destitution, hunger, misery.  Let is be said that the defense and promotion of human rights are squarely based on human dignity as their origin and anchorage.

In other words, the political community is for the common good of the human community – definitely not the other way around.  Otherwise the former has all the right to get rid of the other.  It is not only good but also imperative for the incumbent and would be politicians to keep the said fundamental truth in mind – now that the human community is keenly watching the “What?”, the “Why?”, the “How?” of the forthcoming 2016 Elections.