Friday, March 18, 2016


There are marked indications that the now deviant Philippine politics – by and large brought about by a good number of elected and appointed errant public officials from the local to the national levels of government – is definitely not hopeless.  This positive outlook is by and large premised on the following existent and subsistent factors which are rather well-known and not really hard to understand.

a.  The Filipinos in general – with a good number of heroes and heroines in their history such as during the Japanese occupation, the shameless National Elections in 1978 and the Martial Law Regime as a whole plus the world-known “EDSA” Revolution – can and do stand up to act, to protest and to win  over their common enemies when duly challenged.  So it is that the People of the Philippines can fight back when dared, can stand tall when belittled.  And this is not mere poetry but reality as well recorded in their history.

b.  More and more Filipinos are also becoming more and more knowledgeable and  conscious of the personal liabilities as well as the individual incompetence of these and those public Officials already holding government positions – and so is it too in conjunction with known corrupt and corrupting candidates running for public Offices during elections.  So it is that more and more number of the Filipino electorate are likewise more and more demanding and selective of the political candidates they elect for government positions.

c.  So it is that the following phenomena come to fore: Different movements and organizations are formed for different pro-common good objectives.  Various groupings and sectors of Philippine society are standing up and fighting for various worthy causes from anti-human treatment t contra-environmental business and industry.  Knowledgeable, critical  and active fellowships and crusades against graft and corrupt practices are coming to fore at their own option and risk.  All these are but signs of hope for a better Philippines.

The above-mentioned three factors are the more key and significant positive and inspiring signs of hope for the possible/probable transformation of Philippine politics for the common good of the people and the national pride of the Country.

Today, more and more Filipinos are getting tired of incompetence in government, graft and corrupt practices as a matter of course, criminality 24/7, disorder in society, poverty in the Country.

There is the saying worth remembering that “One step at a time goes far in a day.”  So it is that “Hope springs eternal.”  And so it is that “Despair is for losers.”  If Filipinos allowed their politics to deteriorate, they can also ameliorate it. 

Let it be said that even politics is subject to the norms of ethics and provisions of morals.  So it is that the Church has her Social Doctrine about human rights, about the morals of politics, the obligations of politicians and the like.

Thus it is that as the State may not have an official Religion, Clerics may not hold public Office with the exercise of civil power.  The Church however has the obligation to speak what is morally right or wrong about politics – an obligation that brings about hope for a better Philippines.