Wednesday, March 02, 2016


With the way politics is not merely perceived but actually practiced in this Country, the conclusion is rather evident that through it, government officials become not only very authoritative and  influential but become richer and richer the longer they stay in Office.  Just as no poor individual would dare run for an elective office, so it is also a rarity to know a politician who is really poor, destitute, miserable.  In the same way, after their perforce eventual term of office, politicians are much wealthier than before.  So it is that the Thesis “Politics is Good Business”  is a given – not simply a thesis to be defended nor merely a perception to be explained.  Such is already a strong certitude and not simply a truth still to be proven.  It would not be hard to conclude that those who do not really know such a political phenomenon might not be from the Philippines after all.

There is so very much money in politics – from the campaign period, to the exercise of the Public Office won until the latter’s ending.  Otherwise:  Why would political Candidates spend so much money primarily from their Political Parties, their supporters and friends plus those who foresee and salivate business advantages when their funded candidates win -  precisely to finance their candidacy through many ways and means?  Why would they even lie and deceive, pretend and act as if they were all able, honest and sincere personalities?  And why is it that as a rule, political campaigns are usually accompanied by the infamous trio of “Guns, Goons and Gold”? And, finally, why is it that cheating in one way or another is a standard accompaniment of elections – with or without the knowledge of the voting public, with or without the collaboration of the COMELEC from the precinct to the national level?

It would be an exercise in futility if a really poor individual would run for public office specially in the national level – although to seek a City of Municipal Office is not exactly for poor individuals either.  So it is that it is practically impossible if not an exercise in futility to look for and find really poor individuals holding elective political Offices from the President down to the City/Municipal Councilors.  The reality is that the higher the said Offices are, the more actual and probable are the financial gains for their occupants.  Again:  Like finding a needle in a haystack, so is finding a politician who is poor.

No wonder then that any and all legislative provisions against Political Dynasties are but words and more words up to this writing.  And so it is that in but one and the same family, there is in fact the father – the mother at one time – and one daughter and another daughter and the son who are all occupying elective public positions.  That there is a good number of dynasties comfortable seated in a likewise good number of elective public Offices, aptly provide the proof that makes one concrete reason and basic argument that “Politics is Good Business”.

Meantime, the electorate and the Filipinos in general have been poor long time since and still remain poor to this date.  Meantime, it is the same poor people who pay taxes to the government from birth (milk) to death (coffin).  And meantime too, all the political candidates even from post-Edsa time up to the present are practically wallowing in wealth – in cash and in kind, in reserve and in Certificates of Stocks.  This is the Philippines!  Such is Philippine Politics!