Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Just as grave iniquity and consuming hatred in the national, continental or international level can bring about war therein, so it is that the fruit of truth and justice is peace.  And this certainly neither but poetry nor merely a dream.  In the reality of a passed or the advent of actual war, its cause was or is actually grave injustice and aversion, malevolence and militancy – usually coming about on account of serious and continuous violations of fundamental human rights.  Specifically on the matter of peace:

1.  Peace is a social value and a universal duty founded on the rational and moral order of society.

Considering that war in effect means the killing of human lives, the destruction of temporal assets, the undermining of socio-economic development, not to mention the sowing of anger and hatred – all these and other down-to-earth truths bring to fore the nature, attributions,  and possibilities of peace as an invaluable reality the world over, and wherefore makes peace a universal human duty.  So is it that war is not only irrational but also immoral.  How can there ever be a so-called “Just War” even but considering that war maims if not kills everyone in its way?

2.  Peace is not merely the absence of war, nor can it be reduced solely to the maintenance of the balance of power between/among enemies.

The mere presence of deep and lasting enmity among a people, among countries, among continents, can be anything but in accord with the nature, the finality and consequences of peace.  This is why peace does not only mean the absence of war.  Rather peace is something distinctly positive – valuable  and endearing – in terms of concord and unity, harmony and amity.  The tenure of power and the perceived presence of foes are  certainly not the ingredients of peace.  And even in the absence of actual war, such does not necessarily mean peace which precisely equals tranquility and serenity.

3.  Peace is the fruit of justice – understood as respect for what is right and acceptance of what is true.

Everyone receiving what is his due, respecting the rights of others as others too respect his rights, fulfilling his obligations towards others as others comply with their obligations towards him – this is justice that brings about peace.  It is not hard to perceive and understand that in the last analysis, it is the human person – with its singular nature and distinct attributions – that is the centerpiece of all the above said “due”, “rights”, and “obligations”.  This is an inseparable social trio.

So it is that the Philippines today is at actual/virtual war from within and without – from within as in Mindanao and from without as China tramples upon Philippine territory.  So it s that those presenting themselves to lead the Country through the 2016 Election better know more than to get rid of graft and corrupt practices in government, to alleviate poverty, etc., etc.