Monday, March 28, 2016


“Happy days are here again!” The Holy Week is over!  Churches are irrelevant. Prayers are done away with.  Repentance is but a thought.  Promises of conversion are forgotten.  Doing good to others is merely a wish.  “God is but a word!”  The search for power and the  and the pursuit of    wealth are again in order.  Politics are once more the order of the day.  The quest for power and might continues with neither any reservation or remorse.  Fooling the electorate is a matter of course.  The intent of buying the votes of the poor is a constant.  Criminality 24/7 is a matter of course.  Manufacture, buying and using of prohibited drugs are the order of the day.  Violation of women and children is in order.  “Happy days are here again!”

Would that it were otherwise.  Would that the Holy Week converted people from nonchalantly doing evil to deliberately doing good.  Would that the week passed really made politicians concerned with rendering public service for the common good and made political candidates truthful in their promises and honest in their dealings.  Would that some criminals at least were convinced to be otherwise by living in virtue, not wallowing in vice, by doing good – not evil – to others.  Holy Week is precisely meant for the conversion of people from living without God here and now, without the hereafter and the beyond.  Holy Week that comes once a year is ardently intended to remind people – remind them to turn away from vices and to instead live in virtuous life and deeds.

No.  The yearly observance of Holy Week is not meant to make all the people saints, to turn the world into a paradise, to make the earth a heaven.  The said observance is intended to bring people back to their senses, to convert them from following the enticements of evil to living in the spirit of good, to act and react in the sphere of truth that brings about justice which in turn is the anchorage of peace – peace in the family, in the community, in society.  So it is that in the last analysis, it is evil and vice that destroy families, that divide the community, that bring disorder to society.  And woe to those who allow themselves for demeaning and dehumanizing purposes.

In the sphere of truth wherefore, the once a year observance of Holy Week is a really good reminder for people to turn away from what is vicious to what is virtuous, from what is contra-self and others to what is pro-self and neighbours.

Sad but true:  There seems to be certain individuals who allow themselves to be the instruments of evil, to be the incarnation of vices, to be the causes of anti-social agenda.  It would not be hard to wish that they should not have been born at all.

Would that the Holy Week were not but considered as but freedom from day-to-day work, were neither merely seen as vacation time nor sadly converted into good days for tourism.  That would be a big pity as well as a big loss.

The Week is Holy and holy it is meant to be – nothing less, nothing else.  With the way  more and more individuals are living as if they had neither God to obey nor neighbours to love, would time come when they would  succeed in instituting “Unholy Week”?  Heaven forbid!