Friday, March 25, 2016


Even Jesus died – after proclaiming He was the Son of God, He was the Redeemer of mankind, He was the Savior of the world.  Even Jesus died – after preaching about God and man, about heaven and earth, about life and death.  Even Jesus died – after caring for the needy, giving sight to the blind, giving hope to the hopeless.  Even Jesus died – after having converted people to God, making disciples from among his followers and establishing the Church which to date is more than 2000 years old.

Christ accepted His Death after but some thirty-three years of living on earth.  As He came from the Father, to the Father He returned.  As He was sent by the Father, to the Father He went back.  He eventually passed away  - entrusting and commending His Spirit to the Father.  But Christ died only after doing His Mission.  Christ went back to the Father only after redeeming humankind – after teaching the singular, the profound and precious prayer, “Our Father”.

And you, he, she and me?  With life comes death.  When something begins, it eventually ends.  Whatever it has its start, stop it must somehow, sometime.  And as far as man is concerned, it is not really news when he eventually comes to his death.  What would be truly news is when someone does not die at all.  And what is important is not only the evil he has done but also the good things he failed to do, not only the many wrong things he did but also the innumerable right things he left undone.

And so it is that some questions are in order:

You – you who have the power to do good – what are you doing with it?  Do good but for yourself and those close to you?  You – you who have wealth – what are you doing with it?  Help but yourself and those helping you?  You – you who have authority to be of service and help to others – what are you doing with it?  Help yourself in exercising your authority to protect but your own interests, to favor dynasty, to cuddle your buddies?

In whose hands will you commend yourself when death calls? Can the best and famous doctors keep you ever alive?  Can your formidable power,  enormous  wealth, and unbounded authority save you from  ultimately landing in a coffin?  Would it be of help for you to remember that empty-handed you came into the world and empty-handed likewise you will leave it behind?  Would it be of help for you to keep in mind that it is not news when someone dies?  What would be news is when somebody does not die at all.

So, in whose hands then shall you commit your spirit?  To those of your buddies and favorites?  To your Kaibigan, Kakampi, Kasangga?  Worst, to hell with its cohorts?

No.  In no way does it mean that you do nothing but wait for your death.  Precisely, it means do good before you die.  It means help others before others help to bury you.  It is that plain and true.